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Friday, July 3, 2020

New amenities coming to Lake Apopka’s east shore

Construction is slated to begin in September or October 2020 for Orange County Parks and Recreation’s Magnolia Park to add several new...

City auditor says staff has improved practices

Jamie Roberson, the city’s finance director for the past two years, said her staff was continuing to do its job while also working with...

New Publix supermarket clears city hurdles, expected to open in ‘21

All governmental hurdles have been cleared for the commercial development that will house a Publix supermarket just down the road from the State Road...

A lazy afternoon swim

An alligator swims in a canal along the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive recently likely looking for a snack. The free 11-mile, one-way drive is...

New Clay Springs Elem. principal likes ‘family environment’

Clay Springs Elementary School is getting a new principal beginning in the 2019-2020 school year.

Piedmont Lakes Middle School has new principal

Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, whatever that may look like, Dr. Frederick Ray Jr. will fill the role as principal of Piedmont Lakes...

Celebrating Juneteenth

A rally and walk was held Friday, June 19, to celebrate Juneteenth. More on 1A...

Taking a look

A great blue heron keeps an eye on a potential meal along the Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive. The drive is free to the public...

Errol advisory board gets first look at possibility of restoring amenities

Exploring options for land acquisition and renovation was the priority at the Errol Estate Recreation District Advisory Committee’s first meeting. Discover more…..

Chamber of Commerce will host political hob nob

A political meet-and-greet will take place in conjunction with the grand opening of a new hotel, a development that marks the completion of phase...


Nation’s 244th birthday is celebrated differently
But, despite all the issues and disagreements within our country, we still are privileged to live in a land that has goodness at its core.


Depth, breadth of work is huge
By Christine Moore
I hope you and your family are able to celebrate and ponder the great ideas behind the founding of our nation this 4th of July. Read this column on page 2A.

How do we provide education?
By Melissa Byrd
What is our next move? How do we move forward with a plan when everything keeps changing? How do we keep providing a quality education and keep our kids and staff safe? Read this column on page 2A.

U.S. Jewish community will celebrate July 4th with enthusiasm
By Richard Corbeil
The July 2020 edition of the Levitt Letter featured an article headlined “U.S. Jews Proudly Celebrate the 4th of July.” It was written by Rabbi Davorah Marcus, Temple Emmanu-El, San Diego, California. Read more on page 2A.

By Patti Bankson
What we see today is an America in dire need of a Field Day! Looters, rioters and thugs have been allowed to decide whatever cities and their goods they want and help themselves. Unaccosted and unaccountable, because their leaders are too afraid or too far Left to do anything. Read this column on page 5A.

Letters to the Editor:

If we love our country, we must gird loins for fight of our lives
Nancy C. Thomas Apopka
If we Americans are still in love with our country, we had better gird our loins for the fight of our lives. Read more on page 4A.

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Lifestyle News

Receives degree

Sara Trapp, granddaughter of Linda Trapp of Apopka, graduated May 9 with a master’s degree. More on page 3.

Apopka pregnancy care center moves

Changes are abounding at the nonprofit organization Apopka Pregnancy Care Center. More on page. More on 3B.

Land cleared for townhomes

Land was cleared this week for a 92-unit townhome development on 15-1/2 acres on the north side of Old Dixie Highway.

Mural painted at school

Rock Springs Elementary School paraprofessionals and Notre Dame AmeriCorps volunteers recently entered a partnership to create a mural about autism that runs the length...

City budget shortfall due to COVID-19 could range to $3 million
The financial fallout for the city of Apopka’s budget from the coronavirus pandemic is expected to cause a shortfall of at least $1.1 million

Sales tax holiday for schools is Aug. 7-9
The annual Back-to-School sales tax holiday in Florida is scheduled for August 7-9.

Chamber plans political hob nob for July 25
A political meet-and-greet will take place in conjunction with the grand opening of a new hotel,

Governor vetoes city projects, leaves county funds in budget
Gov. Ron DeSantis slashed more than $1 billion from the state budget as passed by the Florida Legislature.

Sports News

Be sure to drink plenty of liquids when fshin’ on our...

Hello Folks, Wow, summer is here and it’s here with a bang. We are havin’ some hot days as of late and I don’t...

AHS football players begin workouts July 6

After spring practice and early summer workouts were nixed by the coronavirus pandemic, AHS football players and coaches will be able to get back...

Panfish, bass are bitin’ in our local lakes

Hello Folks, I hope all the fathers out there had a great Father’s Day and, more importantly, you got to spend some time on the...

Summer fishin’ is in full swing in area’s lakes and rivers

Hello Folks, As I mentioned last week, summer is here and in full swing in Central Florida. The fishin’ has been really good in most...

Players must complete their paperwork online
AHS coach Jeff Rolson said that, because of COVID-19, players must do the necessary paperwork completed by filing it online and also must get their annual physicals on their own.  Read more on 1B.

Youth basketball camp set for July
The Well Activity Center (formerly Cooper Sports Complex) will host The Well Basketball Camp for two weeks in July.