Terms & Conditions


New subscribers may purchase a home delivery subscription for $25 in Orange County or $30 Out of Orange County. Digital Editions only may be purchased for $25. The Digital Editions and Home Delivery package is available for $30 in Orange County or $35 out of Orange County.

Current Subscribers may upgrade their current subscriptions to adding Digital Editions for $5. The Apopka Chief staff will verify account status for the upgrade. Current Subscribers may renew their subscriptions for home delivery for $25 in Orange Dounty or $30 out of county. Renewals may also be made for Digital only for $25. The Digital Editions and Home Delivery renewal is  $30 in Orange County or $35 out of Orange County.

Home Delivery
If your order is received after Monday of any week, your first copy of The Apopka Chief will be mailed the following Friday upon receipt of payment for subscription.

Terms and Conditions of Refund: Upon notification of a discrepancy in payment or a duplication of payment, we will resolve the situation as promptly as possible. In the event of a duplicate payment, upon notification we will refund the last posted payment that creates the duplication for your subscription order.

If there is a cancellation of your subscription order received within 30 days of your first mailing of The Apopka Chief, there will be a total refund. If a longer period of time elapses, there will be a pro-rated charge refunded. After 6 months of delivery, there will not be a refund.

Your subscription can be put on hold if you are vacationing for an extended period, or your subscription can be temporarily forwarded to your new location if your residential address is divided between two locations. You must email your request to subscriptions@theapopkachief.com or call 407-886-2777 to have your address changed or your subscription altered.