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Three Apopka Blue Darter baseball players reap postseason accolades

Three Apopka Blue Darter baseball players have landed postseason honors

More Little League teams start summer all-star action

With a record of year-to-year success for Apopka Little League, anticipation and expectations were once again the order of the day as All-Star play...

Keep yourself hydrated during hot summer months while fishin’

Hello Folks, Summer didn’t begin until Thursday, June 21. Well, that might be what the calendar says but it’s gettin’ hotter each day. It must be because...

Wekiva Mustangs have breakout years in some sports

The Mustangs also won District 8A-4 title for the first time in the 11-year history of the school, and won three playoff games, landing...

Panfish and bass are all bitin’ in area lakes and rivers

Hello Folks, I hope you had a great weekend and, more importantly, that you got a chance to do some fishin’. The days are startin’...

Apopka High School baseball teams hosts camp for youngsters

Showing good form, this camper eyes the ball as it rolls into his glove.

Remembering outstanding Apopka High baseball team 1968

The 1968 Apopka Blue Darters baseball team held a 50th-year reunion a few weeks ago, and Roger Franklin Williams will highlight the team today,...

It was another successful sports year for Apopka High

More scenes from 2017-2018 sports year for Blue Darters on pages 4C & 5C.

Most Apopka Little League teams begin all-star play

When the calendar turns to June, all-star competition is also turned to by the Little Leagues across the nation.

Use your topwater lure at the mouth of the canals

Hello Folks, June has arrived and believe it or not, we still have bass on the beds. The full moon isn’t until the end of...