74.4 F

Speck fishin’ is improvin’ in Central Florida lakes, rivers

Hello Folks, I hope everyone is havin’ a great week. We have some cooler weather this weekend, so, hopefully, the water temperatures will start to...

Specks will begin bitin’ better as weather cools

Hello Folks, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgivin’ weekend and you got a chance to do some fishin’. A lot of the folks...

Cooler weather should get specks to bitin’ locally

Hello Folks, On Monday mornin’, I went out to get the paper and did we ever get a weather change. It sure was nice to...

Cooler weather needs to make its way here so specks will...

Hello Folks, Well, we got some cooler weather this week and then it warmed right back up. Ugh! Hopefully, we can get some cooler weather...

Cooler weather is needed for specks

Hello Folks, If we are goin’ to have a speck season, we need some cooler weather to come our way. This summertime weather we are...

Fishin’ is good, but specks should be better as it cools

Hello Folks, It was another great weekend for fishin’ and football, baseball, horse racin’, car racin’, and a fun time to be with family and...

Specks are startin’ to bite in area lakes, rivers

Hello Folks, I hope everyone had a great week and you had a chance to do some fishin’. The weather is gettin’ cooler and this...

Cooler weather means that speckled-perch time isn’t far away

Hello Folks, I hope everyone is enjoyin’ the cooler weather we are havin’ this week. It’s been really nice and it’s gonna be nice on...

Bass were not in their normal areas of the lakes

Hello Folks, I hope everyone had a great weekend and you got to experience the full “super moon” on Sunday night. It was kinda cloudy...

Fishin’ is going great as lakes are up due to plenty...

Hello Folks, It was a great weekend and lots of folks got on the water to go fishin’. There were a few showers here and...
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