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If you like chicken or shrimp, or both, this recipe can...

From What’s Cookin’?, the recipe is for Shrimp or Chicken Curry. This recipe was contributed by Mrs. Myrtle Womble who suggests serving it over...

Next two months are great times for fishin’ in our area

Hello Folks, We are in February and we are lookin’ for some great fishin’ over the next two months. This is probably the best two months to...

Speck fishin’ should remain strong despite some cooler weather

Hello Folks, We have some cooler weather comin’ our way this weekend. I’m sure that’s goin’ to affect the fishin’ just a little. The good...

Specks should be bitin’ with warmer weather

Hello Folks, If you have been waitin’ for the weather to warm up, it’s warmin’ up this weekend. The water is still cold, but you...

Fishin’ is picking up in Central Florida lakes and rivers

Hello Folks, We have some cooler weather headed our way this weekend so the fishin’ might slow down for a day or two. Once the...

Cold weather keeps most anglers off the lakes, river over Christmas

Hello Folks, Well, it’s soon to be 2023 and another year is in the books. We have had some cold weather over the Christmas holidays,...

Chill in the air may make it too cold to go...

Hello Folks, I hope you are ready for Christmas this comin’ weekend. It might be a little cold to go fishin’, but I’m sure you...

Cooler weather headed to Central Florida this weekend

I know y’all have heard me say how much I love cooler weather, right. Well, this weekend I’m gonna get what I asked for...

Weather is warm but some boat ramps are still closed

Hello Folks, What happened to our cooler weather? I hope you are enjoyin’ these warm days in December. One of my neighbors told me that...

More boat ramps are beginning to be re-opened after storms

Hello Folks, I hope you have recovered from your Thanksgivin’ feast and you are ready to go fishin’. I did some checkin’ this week to...
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