Cold front stopped fish from bitin’


Hello Folks,

I wish I could tell you that the fishin’ is great and the weather is great, but I can’t.

A cold front came to town and the temperatures dropped and the wind is blowin’ like crazy, and the fishin’ has been tough. I’m not goin’ to be one of those people who tell you they are loadin’ the boat and in reality they ain’t.

Yes, before the cold front, we had some great fishin’ on the Kissimmee Chain and some nice stringers of bass were caught durin’ the BASS Open Tournament that was held there last week.

Some big bass were caught and those anglers who fished the tournament will tell you that you had to be in the right place at the right time.

Bryan New from North Carolina won the tournament with a three-day total weight of 49 lbs. 8 oz. As he spoke about his week, he wasn’t dialed into any one pattern durin’ the tournament. He said he was junk fishin’. You ask yourself what is junk fishin’. Bryan commented that he had established an off-shore pattern and after day one, he saw that wasn’t goin’ to hold up, so he moved to shallow water. He moved from one spot to the next and would catch a bass here and another one there. He was flippin’ heavy cover and kept movin’ from spot to spot to try and catch his limit of five bass per day.

Bryan caught his bass on a Texas-rigged green pumpkin magic Damiki Stinger, a chatter-bait with a speed craw, and a shallow-runnin’ crank-bait. So what I’m sayin’ is that you have to adjust to the weather and the fishin’ conditions when you are on the water.

Just because you caught your bass in one spot doesn’t mean they are goin’ to be there every time you fish that area. Sometimes, you have to move from one spot to the next to catch fish. That’s what they call junk fishin’.

No one technique is gonna work all the time. You have to be willin’ to change up and try something different when you are fishin’ because what worked one day may not work the next day. That’s why we like to go fishin’ and that’s why we love it so much.

If the weather settles down and we get some decent weather, the specks should start bitin’ in Lake Monroe and Lake Jesup. Kyle at Bitter’s Bait and Tackle reports that the specks were bitin’ pretty good until the wind and the colder weather come to town. If you don’t have a boat, no worries. The specks were bitin’ off the seawall in Sanford before the cold front.

So don’t give up, we have some good fishin’ ahead of us over the next few months. Kyle also reports that the folks in his area are catchin’ some bass on shiners.

Well, hopefully the weather gets better and the fishin’ will pick by the end of the week. See ya next week.

Tip of the week: be careful on the water.

Save a few and good luck!