If you’re buying a home, there are important things you need to know


If you’re looking to buy a home, you want a real estate agent with integrity and someone who will have your best interests in mind.

Arrowsmith Realty, Inc., voted the best real estate company in the greater Apopka area, confirms the passion and commitment to exceptional customer service that makes this team a success. This full service real estate company offers homebuyer and seller representation, marketing, and relocation services.

If you are looking for a new home, Arrowsmith Realty, Inc. encourages you to be informed. From preapproval to closing, you should know what goes into buying a home so that you can be confident about the process each and every step of the way.

Know what you are looking for.
There’s a lot of options out there and it’s important to narrow the search by making a list of what your ideal home would be like. What are your must-haves? And then, what are you willing to compromise on and let go of? The best way to do this is to list each item you must have in your new home by priority. Then, of course, communicate those needs to your real estate agent.

Location is important.
Be sure that you buy a home in a neighborhood you’d like to live in. If you have children, having a school nearby is probably very important to you. How far are you willing to commute to and from work? And what is the overall feel of your ideal community?

Save up for that down payment. Although it’s possible to buy a home without a down payment, you’ll get a better rate, smaller mortgage payments, and be able to qualify for more loans if you can put 20% down. Start saving for the down payment as soon as you are thinking about buying a home.

Consider the costs of homeownership
. Owning a home or even a condo costs more than just the mortgage payment so budget accordingly. In addition to your monthly payments, consider the utilities, homeowners insurance, and Home Owner’s Association (HOA) fees, if any. If needed, plan on future upgrades.

Get your credit and finances in order. In addition to saving for the down payment, getting your finances in shape will make it easier to qualify for a mortgage and get the lowest rates. The basics: keep paying your bills on time (especially your rent), check and monitor your credit, and don’t make any major purchases or credit mistakes.

Obtain full home disclosure and inspection.
By law, the home seller is obligated to disclose any problems with the home that you are buying. However, there may be additional costly repairs and foundation problems that the current owner is not familiar with. So, in addition to getting a report on potential problems, your agent will want to hire a home inspector who will come out to inspect the home.

With these helpful hints, the dedicated and experienced team of professionals at Arrowsmith Realty, Inc. will be on their way to help make your home buying experience easy.

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