Workplace Screening Intelligence is local, affordable, reliable and readily available for your testing needs

Workplace Screening is conveniently located at 110 Athletes Row, Apopka, FL 32703. To Schedule a Covid-19 or drug screening test, call 800-338-5515.

Workplace Screening Intelligence offers COVID-19 screening for employers, employees and the families of Apopka. Whether you need a rapid test to determine COVID-19 status or return to school or work or travel, we have the test for you. You will walk out the door with results in 15 minutes.   We also offer lab-based PCR testing for those countries that require PCR for travel.  Plus, we offer drug testing at over 11,500 collection sites in the United States as well as clinical laboratory screening to keep you and/or your workplace healthy and productive.

Difficulty finding an appointment for COVID-19?  We always have same day appointments available. Call 800-338-5515 or

Workplace Screening Intelligence provides a wide range of services including clinical laboratory testing, employment drug testing, parental drug testing, and DNA paternity testing, as well as COVID-19 screening and so much more.

If you need employee drug testing, DOT testing or testing for COVID-19, we have many available testing sites including academic, commercial, and private laboratories that conduct COVID-19 testing all over. If you are looking for a reliable, local testing service that you can trust, Workplace Screening Intelligence is here for your testing needs. We’re reliable, fast and affordable. For individual or businesses needs you can schedule online or by phone. With so many different tests, here is what we offer:

• Antibody testing- (recent Infection and past exposure) – 15 minute results

• At home or collected in our facility PCR Molecular- (detects current Infection) This test can be shipped anywhere in the United States. Saliva (great alternative to nasal swabs). Results in 1-2 days – ideal for travel, return to work and proving absence of COVID

• Antigen testing (detects current infection) -15 minute results.  Perfect for return to work or school or if you want to determine current infection of COVID-19.  This rapid test is also great for travel to countries that accept rapid antigen testing (Jamaica, many Central American countries and other countries as well)

In addition to COVID testing, they also provide drug screenings. There are still many misconceptions among employers about substance abuse in the workplace. Employers can no longer ignore who is using drugs and alcohol. When employers need to ensure safety and security, Workplace Screening Intelligence is the one company you can trust.  Their service and years of experience ensure accurate results in a timely manner so the employer can make better informed decisions about its employees and the safety and security of the workplace.

Workplace Screening Intelligence offers DOT and non-DOT testing.  We are the only site in Apopka where additional occupational services are not offered.  This means your employees won’t wait.  The whole process can be completed in 15 minutes.  Their drug testing services use the latest technology available to identify illicit substances in employees.  Multiple collection sites nationwide are a part of their network.  They can also arrange for onsite testing, which is especially productive for random testing or mass hiring. Medical review officers can validate the test results and they also provide support for company policy development on drug testing.

There are many reasons to use Workplace Screening Intelligence:

• Compliance with state and federal regulations

• Quick service with no wait

• Reduce accidents in the workplace

• Improve your team’s productivity

• Decrease absenteeism and employee turnover which affects your bottom line

• Provide a safer and more secure work environment

• Quicker hiring decisions

• Mitigate risk test

Workplace Screening Intelligence offers full service laboratory testing for all your testing needs.

To book an appointment visit them at or call them at 1-800-338-5515. Located inside the Well Activity Center / Sports Complex at 110 Athletes Row. Apopka, FL 32703