With our heat, it’s best to get up early and fish in the morning


Hello Folks,

I hope you are havin’ a great week and you are gettin’ on the water and doin’ some fishin’. I know it’s been kinda warm, but hopefully you can get on the water early and catch some fish. I think you would have a great time and it would be well worth it.

The bass fishin’ has been good in most of the lakes in our area and some folks are gettin’ out there and catchin’ some panfish.

Kyle at Bitter’s Bait and Tackle reports that folks are catchin’ some nice stringers of bluegills and shellcrackers in Lake Jesup. Folks are usin’ red worms and crickets to catch ’em. So, if you want to go catch some panfish, that would be a good place to go.

We have a full moon today, Friday, July 23, and the fishin’ should be real good those three days before and three days after the full moon.

Kyle also reports that the bass fishin’ has been good as well. Most of the lakes around town have been producin’ some good catches of bass.

The Maitland Chain is still doin’ good for bass usin’ shiners and lipless crank-baits. You need to find the submerged hydrilla and eel grass thoughout the chain and rip those lipless baits through those grassy areas.

The Butler Chain is still producin’ some nice stringers of bass. You should be able to catchin’ numbers of bass and a good one every once in a while. Most of the bass are bein’ caught on plastic worms and slow-sinkin’ Senko-type baits. Kyle reports that you need to be ready in case you see the birds bustin’ on bait-fish pods. You need to keep a lipless crank-bait tied on one of your rods in case they start schoolin’ up beside the boat.

The Harris Chain has been really good for bass fishin’. Kyle fished the chain last week and caught more than 30 bass up to 3 pounds each. He caught his bass on a variety of baits. He was usin’ swim-baits, chatter-baits, and crank-baits to catch ’em. He caught some on plastic worms as well.

I had a chance to do some fishin’ last week as well. I fished the Harris Chain last week, but I didn’t have near the day that Kyle did. I only caught four bass up to 3 lbs. on my trip. At least I was able to catch a few and get out on the water. I caught all my bass on plastic worms.

Mark at Big Toho Bait and Tackle is out of town for the next two weeks, but Kyle reports that the hydrilla has topped out throughout the lake and it’s bloomin’ all over the lake.

Kyle reports that you can still catch some bass on Big Lake Toho, but once you set down in that hydrilla, you are there for a while. Folks are flippin’ the holes in the hydrilla and fishin’ along the edge of the hydrilla clumps. It might be a little tough gettin’ through that hydrilla, but if you find ’em under those mats, you could catch a couple of good ones.

We are still gettin’ lots of rain so make sure you check out areas in the lakes where the water is flowin’ into the lakes. You might find some bass hangin’ around those areas feedin’ on baitfish.

Well, the fishin’ should be good this weekend and I hope you get a chance to go fishin’. See ya next week.

Tip of the week: full moon.

Save a few and good luck!