Weather is still summer-like in Central Florida, but fishin’ is OK


Hello Folks,

I thought cooler weather was just around the corner. Boy, was I wrong. Still havin’ some hot days but we might get some cooler temperatures next week. At least the temperature will be in the 80s and not the 90s or even in the 100s.

The fishin’ hasn’t been too bad and some folks are catchin’ some nice bass in the Harris Chain and the Kissimmee Chain.

My fishin’ buddy Rich fished his club tournament on West Lake Toho on Sunday. He came in second place with five fish that hit the scales just over 14 lbs. He would have won but he had two dead fish and that dead fish penalty hurt ’em. He and his fishing partner caught around 30 bass durin’ the day. They caught most of their bass on swim-jigs, Senkos, and plastic worms.

The afternoon showers have got some water flowin’ from Shingle Creek. Look for bass to be bustin’ on bait fish at first light. Another good area has been the entrance of Goblits Cove at first light. Try fishin’ with a noisy top-water bait, frog, or a speed worm.

Folks have been catchin’ some nice bass on the Harris Chain. Most of the bass are bein’ caught around areas of movin’ water. The afternoon rains have got the water flowin’ into the chain and you should be able to find some bass hangin’ around those areas early in the mornin’.

Top-water baits like a Devils Horse, the Berkley Chopper, or even a Zara Spook will get some big bass bites early in the mornin’. Once the sun gets up, you need to flip the heavy cover for bass. The bass will be in the shade and the water is cooler under that heavy cover. A few bluegills and shellcrackers are bein’ caught along the shoreline cover and the pads throughout the chain. Most folks are fishin’ with red worms, crickets, and grass-shrimp.

I haven’t gotten any reports on folks fishin’ for specks. You may find some specks holdin’ up the deep holes in the chain. Try fishin’ with minners and jigs tipped with a minner.

The bass fishin’ on the St. Johns River has been pretty good. You will find the bass hangin’ around the run-offs from the afternoon rains. The bass will be feedin’ on bait fish. Try fishin’ with a lipless bait like a Rat-L-Trap or a Strike King Red Eyed Shad. If you like to fish soft plastics, try fishin’ with dark colored baits like Zoom Speed Worm, or a Bitter’s Vibe Worm.

A Harris Chain cleanup event will be held Saturday, September 16, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Wooten Park West boat ramp on Lake Dora. The address is 400 S. Sinclair Ave., Tavares. The FWC needs volunteers with boats to travel the Harris Chain picking up trash and debris. Volunteers are also needed in cars and on foot to help clean up the boat ramps and shoreline.

For more information about the cleanup, contact Nick Trippel at or 352-800-5015.

I hope you get a chance to get on the water and do some fishin’ real soon. See ya next week. Save a few and good luck!