Was there a puppy under your tree?


This holiday season saw a marked increase in the number of puppies given as gifts, and by now, this gift is already firmly established as a well-loved family member. Just as any new baby requires loving interaction, good medical care, and high quality nutrition, so does this furry gift that somehow wiggled its way into your heart in the first two minutes.

At Pet Care Center of Apopka, River Oaks Animal Hospital, Longwood and East Lake Animal Clinic in Mt. Plymouth, your pup’s medical and vaccination requirements have been brought together in a very convenient, very economically priced, package known as the Puppy Package. For one low price, you receive: all vaccines and boosters recommended for pups up to the age of 16 weeks; a full health examination on your first visit; a pre-vaccination exam before every shot; a fecal check for parasites that could potentially harm your pet or your family and that is recommended by the Center for Disease Control; your pups first heartworm preventative; the first month’s dose of monthly flea and tick control; and a free bag of high quality Hills puppy food.

This represents an incredible value when you consider that a pup of eight weeks will require four separate vaccination visits before it is considered to have a high level of immunization against killer diseases such as parvo, a disease that carries a high risk of fatality. In addition, you will receive advice on puppy issues, have access to informative videos, and be allowed to borrow one of the many books in their client library that relates to puppy issues. You will also receive the leaflet “Everything You Need for a Happy, Healthy Puppy,” a great guide for puppy shopping.

If you received a puppy that needs regular grooming, it is best to get them started now. The sooner you get started, the easier it will be for your pet as time goes on. Your pet will receive caring, loving grooming from a trained staff, and there is convenient boarding for your family pet while you are away.

Pet Care Center of Apopka, River Oaks Animal Hospital, and East Lake Animal Clinic are all family-owned and operated. Dr. Kent Greer opened his practice in 1985, and has since built a strong reputation for providing loving and professional medical care to many animals in the area. His care for animals began when he helped in his father’s veterinary practice in Missouri.

Dr. Greer and his staff pride themselves on being in the forefront of domestic animal diseases, and even treating cancers in pets. The facilities are state-of-the-art for all in-house medical equipment and technology, and offer an intensive care unit as well as a surgical suite, complete with state-of-the-art technology you would find for humans.

For further information, please call Pet Care Center of Apopka at 407-884-8924, River Oaks Animal Hospital at 407-774-1515, or East Lake Animal Clinic at 352-725-2882. If you wish to ask a puppy-care question, you may email webmaster@riveroaksvet.com.