Warmer weather means specks, bass will go back on beds


Hello Folks,

Hopefully ,the cooler weather is done for a while and the specks and the bass can get back to doin’ what they do best, which is goin’ on the beds.

I’m startin’ to get some good results on the specks in most of the lakes and chains in our area. Folks are catchin’ specks in Lake Jesup, Lake Harney, and John’s Lake on the west side of town. You will have to cover a lot of water until you find ‘em. Most folks are driftin’ the lakes tight-linin’ jigs tipped with minners. If the weather stays decent and with the upcomin’ full moon on March 5, the specks and the bass should be goin’ on the beds by then. So if you are plannin’ a fishin’ trip, now would be a good time to get your poles ready and go fishin’.

If you want to catch some specks in the Harris Chain, folks are still catchin’ ‘em around Deer Island in Lake Beauclair and Lake Dora. Most of the folks are fishin’ with jigs tipped with a minner. Also, Lake Griffin and Lake Yale have been good lakes to catch some specks. Again, you need to use jigs tipped with a minner.

Lake Woodruff and Lake Monroe have been the best two lakes north of town. Folks are driftin’ mid-lake with jigs tipped with a minner and they have been catchin’ enough for supper. You need to make sure you check the shallow water areas of the lake as we get closer to the full moon in case those ole specks move in to spawn.

The bass fishin’ should be gettin’ better as we get closer to the full moon. Rick and I had a chance to do some bass fishin’ this past weekend. We decided to see if we could find any beddin’ fish in the Harris Chain. We caught five bass up to 3 lbs. each and that was it for the day. We did see some beds but due to last week’s cold front, the bass had moved off the beds. The water temperature had dropped and the bass had moved off the beds. We found the water temperature as low as 54 degrees and when the sun was out, the temperature got up to 62 degrees. We caught all of our bass by flippin’ the heavy cover with plastic worms and crawdad-type baits.

The Butler Chain and the Conway Chain bass fishin’ should be good this weekend and over the next couple of weeks. The bass should be goin’ on the beds. Remember, the bass in those two chains will bed in deep water. I’ve seen beds in 10 feet of water on the Butler Chain. If you do catch a big female that’s on the bed, please release her and get her back in the water as soon as possible to ensure bass fishin’ for our children and grandchildren. It’s important that those big females have a successful spawn.

The fishin’ should get better each week as we move towards the full moon, so if you are wantin’ to go fishin’, now would be a good time to plan a trip. Get the family together and let’s go fishin’.

See ya next week.

Tip of the week: good weather for fishin’.

Save a few and good luck!