Brian Peine holdin his 8 lb. 12 oz. bass. He caught her on a Senko bait. The color was Peanut Butter and Jelly. I’m not kiddin ya. It was that color. When Brian sent me the picture I couldn’t believe he caught it on that color. Anyway that was a real nice bass for anybody to catch

Hello Folks,

June has arrived and believe it or not, we still have bass on the beds. The full moon isn’t until the end of the month but the bass are makin beds in the Butler Chain and in John’s Lake. More about that in a minute. We have been gettin our share of rain and more is expected this week.

With the rain comes lots of water and the water is flowin into the lakes and especially the St. John’s River. The SJR is high and the fish are  scattered throughout the river.  Look for bass feedin on bait fish in those area’s. A noisy topwater lure or a lipless crankbait will work the best in the mouth of the canals, and where the water is flowin into the river. If you want to catch some panfish, I would try the Kissimmee Chain or the Harris Chain. Most of the panfish are bein caught around the pads, docks, laydowns. Take along some crickets and worms and keep movin around until you locate-them. If it isn’t too windy you should find them just off-shore or close to the shoreline grass and pads. The bass fishin on the Kissimmee Chain is good where the water is flowin into the mouth of each lake. Try and find some submerged hydrilla or ell-grass beds with the water flowin through and over it and the bass should be there. The bass should be in those area’s feedin on bait-fish.

The bass are still bitin’ in the Butler Chain. Rick and his brother in-law Greg Fugate from Kentucky fished the chain this week, caught and released over 45 bass. The biggest was almost four pounds. Then durin the middle of the week they fished John’s Lake for about 2 hours before the storms ran them off the water. They only caught five bass but Greg was able to catch and release a five pounder. They caught all their bass on slow sinkin Senko type baits. As I mentioned earlier Rick and Greg caught bass in two different bodies of water. They found  some of the bass had roe in-’em. So we may have some late spawners this month. So that’s a good thing and that should produce a great spawn this year.

The bass are bitin pretty good in The Harris Chain as well. Folks are fishin the shoreline grass and pads at first light with plastic frogs and toads. You can also try fishin a swim-bait in those same area’s by fishin it real slow around the cover for some topwater action. As I mentioned earlier the bass are bitin in the Butler Chain and schoolers are bustin all over the chain. Look for divin birds on the bait-fish, and you should find some bass in those areas.

Always keep a lipless crank-bait tied onto one of your rods. The bass are bitin pretty good in the Clermont Chain. Some guys from work went to Lake Louisa over the weekend. They caught some real nice bass and one for the picture album. Well that’s it for this week. I hope you get on the water and catch some fish.

See ya next week.

Tip of the week: Peanut Butter and Jelly