The Orange County Clerk of Courts may have money for you


The Orange County Clerk’s Office may have some unclaimed money for you.

Individuals, businesses and organizations may look at the unclaimed checks list at, and if they see their name on the list, they have until Sunday, September 1 to claim the money.

The checks listed are those that were mailed, but never cashed; perhaps because the intended recipient moved away and did not leave a forwarding address or put the check away and forgot about it.

The list of more than 7,000 checks includes uncashed vendor payments, refunds, restitution, and cash bonds from as low as 8 cents up to $10,000. 

“Our customers deserve to receive the money that is rightly theirs,” said Clerk of Courts Tiffany Moore Russell was quoted as saying in a press release. “That is why every year we go above and beyond to spread the word about our unclaimed checks list.”

The Clerk’s Office reminds customers who have restitution owed to them on a case in Orange County to make sure they keep our office updated on any address changes to ensure they receive any payments due to them. 

Any money not collected by September 1 will be forfeited and deposited into the Clerk’s Fine and Forfeiture Fund, per Section 116.21 of Florida Statutes.

To search the unclaimed checks list, click here. If you have searched the list and believe the Clerk’s Office is holding a check for which you have a claim, follow the instructions on the Clerk’s Office website to submit your claim. 

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