Spring has sprung, trees need trimming, and landscaping needs to be spruced up


Spring is a beautiful time, and Maltby’s Tree Service & Landscaping offers helpful tips for your trees and lawn.

Florida may be one of the warmer states in the country with less seasonal changes. However, when it comes to tree and lawn care, there are still specific times of the year that they require maintenance.

Spring is a time to look at what you can do to increase the appeal of your home’s exterior. A good landscape design can add up to 20% in resale value to your home.

“Early spring is a great time to survey your trees for branches that need to be removed or trimmed. When new leaves appear, it’s easy to spot dead, damaged, or diseased branches. Small branches may be easily pruned out, but it’s important to hire a tree care specialist to cable or remove large branches,” noted James Maltby, owner and operator of Maltby’s Tree Service & Landscaping.

If you notice something that worries you, call Maltby’s Tree Service & Landscaping and schedule a free consultation. It’s important to hire a professional to provide the best care for your trees. In order to have beautiful trees, proper pruning is necessary and important for a tree’s health. Pruning can remove safety hazards to you and your property. It can also discourage the spread of any decay and insect infestations, increase airflow, and allow for more light to shine through.

The professionals at Maltby’s Tree Service & Landscaping will recognize and note current problems or hazards and will explain potential concerns, and may find something you missed. Saving trees can be done quickly and will save money in the long run. In most cases, treating trees is far less expensive than removing and replacing them.

When it comes to spring lawn care, remember frequent mowing on a higher setting is the best way to go when it comes to the health of your grass. This will deter weeds from taking root, keep lawn pests away, and keep your lawn looking sharp.

Fertilizing your lawn in the spring is going to help it remain healthy all year. Your lawn has just been starved of nutrients for most of the cooler months and now is the time to replenish those nutrients to promote a healthy looking turf.

If this sounds like too much work and not a task you are willing to take on, no worries. Leave the spring lawn care to the professionals at Maltby’s Tree Service & Landscaping so you can sit back and enjoy the warm spring and beautiful summer months ahead.

Maltby’s Tree Service & Landscaping is reachable 24 hours-a-day for any after hours emergency service. For your convenience and peace of mind, a management team member is always on site for all services and property evaluations.

Owner James Maltby was born and raised in Apopka. He’s a family man, and his employees have been with his company for many years. They hire the best in the business, and honest and dependable work is their priority. They’re fully licensed and insured, including Workers’ Compensation on all employees.

Maltby’s Tree Service & Landscaping would be happy to quote commercial tree trimming or removal jobs. With over 15 years in business, you can rest assured you’re in good hands with a company that prides itself on a job well done.

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