Specks will begin bitin’ better as weather cools


Hello Folks, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgivin’ weekend and you got a chance to do some fishin’. A lot of the folks who got on the water were chasin’ after those specks. We still need some cooler weather to drop the water temperatures so those ol’ specks will start bitin’.

You can still catch some specks now in Lake Monroe and Lake Woodruff. These two lakes are producin’ some nice stringers of specks, but you will have to stay after ‘em to catch ‘em. Most folks are driftin’ with jigs tipped with a minner at various depths. Once you locate ‘em, keep driftin’ over ‘em until they quite bitin’. You need to make sure you are usin’ brightly colored jigs tipped with a minner. The Kissimmee Chain has been good for a few specks as well. Folks are driftin’ with jigs tipped with a minner and fishin’ the offshore hydrilla beds.

Folks are also catching a few specks in the Butler Chain driftin’ over the deeper holes throughout the chain. The Butler Chain has been good for specks, as well. Folks are driftin’ over the hydrilla and eel grass beds with jigs tipped with minners.

The bass fishin’ on the Butler Chain is still doin’ pretty good in most of the lakes. Folks are gettin’ on the water early and findin’ a few bass bustin’ along the shoreline on bait-fish. You can catch ‘em on top-water lures like a black-and-silver Rapapla or a swim-bait like a Gambler Big Easy. Once the sun gets up, move to deeper water and fish the hydrilla beds or the pepper grass patches throughout the chain. You can use a Texas-rigged plastic worm or a swim-bait fished over the top of the pepper grass. If you can find some deeper water along the shoreline, try flippin’ the heavy cover with your favorite flippin’ bait. There are still plenty of schoolin’ bass throughout the chain so keep a lipless crankbait tied on in case they come up schoolin’ near the boat.

The Harris Chain has been producin’ a few specks in Lake Dora and Lake Griffin. You will need to troll with jigs tipped with a minner and look for bottom changes and drop-offs, and the specks will be hangin’ around those types of areas. Brightly colored jigs tipped with a minner works the best. The bass fishin’ on the chain has been off and on in most of the lakes. The best time has been early mornin’ and late afternoon. You need to fish the deeper water off the points of the grass and fish the hydrilla and eel-grass beds offshore. You can try a shallow runnin’ crankbait or a swim-bait in those areas. You need to vary your retrieve while fishin’ these areas. Some days they want it slow rollin’ and some days they want it fast. So try both ways until you figure how the bass are gonna want it.

I hope you have a good week and I’ll see ya next week.

Tip of the week: patience.

Save a few and good luck!