Specks are still hot in our local lakes


Hello Folks,

I sure hope you have had a great week and you are lookin’ forward to a weekend or week of fishin’. The specks are still bitin’ in most of the lakes in our area. I’m gettin’ some good results from Lake Harney, Lake Woodruff and Lake Monroe. Folks are catchin’ some nice stringers of specks in all the lakes. We have an upcomin’ full moon on April 4 so the fishin’ between now and next weekend should be a good time to get on the water.

Lake Griffin, Little Lake Harris have been good lakes to catch some specks in as well. Folks are fishin’ the pads and around docks and just off the shoreline you will find some specks hangin’ around the hydrilla clumps. You can catch ‘em with jigs tipped with a minner or just fish with minners under a cork.

The bass fishin’ has been pretty good in most of the lakes in our area. Folks are catchin’ bass in the Harris Chain, the Kissimmee Chain, and the Butler Chain. If you go to the Harris Chain, the bass have been feedin’ real early in the mornin’. You can fish the shoreline cover and the offshore submerged hydrilla and eel-grass beds. Most of the bass can be caught on spinner-baits, swim-baits, and plastic worms. You can find some bass feedin’ around the edges of the pads early in the mornin’, too. You can try a top-water bait like a frog or a plastic toad to entice a bite. Once the top-water bite is over, switch to plastic worms or slow-sinkin Senko-type baits until mid-mornin’. Once the sun gets up, try flippin’ the heavy cover with your favorite flippin’ bait.

If you go to the Kissimmee Chain, folks are catchin’ some bass in West Lake and Lake Kissimmee. You need to start fishin’ along the shoreline cover like the pads or Kissimmee grass and see if you can get an early-mornin’ top-water bite. Again, use spinner-baits, swim-baits, or frogs or plastic toads in those areas. Once the suns get up, you need to switch to plastic worms and Senko-type baits. You might also try the offshore hydrilla clumps with a slow-sinkin’ type of bait. Fish the edge of the clumps and let the bait sink real slow but always watch your line in case a big-un picks it up and swims off with your lure.

The Conway Chain and the Butler Chain have been good lakes to fish as of late. Folks are catchin’ some nice bass on plastic worms and Carolina-rigged plastic worms. You should find the bass feedin’ early in the mornin’ along the shoreline and then you will have to move out to deeper water and fish the submerged grass-beds. Once the early-mornin’ bite is over, you will have to move to deeper water and look for the drop-offs throughout the lakes. You will find the bass along the drop-offs either on the deep side of the drop-off or on the shallow side of the drop-off. You can try and locate ‘em around the drop-offs with a lipless crank-bait or a swim-bait. Once you find ‘em and they stop feedin’ on your swim-baits, try fishin’ with a slow-movin’ plastic worm along the bottom of the drop-off.

Well that’s it for this week, I’ll see ya next week.

Tip of the week: cover lots of water.

Save a few and good luck!