Specks are bitin’ best in our area lakes and rivers


Hello Folks,

I missed y’all last week due to my vacation. I hope everyone had a chance to go fishin’ and if you didn’t, I hope you get to go this weekend.

The fishin’ hasn’t been too bad if you are lookin’ to catch a few specks. I’ve gotten some reports that some folks are catchin’ specks in deep water on minners. We need some cooler weather to get the water temperatures down. Once the water gets cooler, the specks will really start bitin’. A few folks are still catchin’ a few specks under the State Road 417 bridge on minners. The bite has slowed down a little this past week, but you can still catch a few under the bridge.

A few folks are startin’ to catch some specks in the deeper parts of Lake Monroe. The water in the St. Johns River is still high so the specks are scattered throughout the lake. You will have to drift the channels and the deeper parts of the lake until you locate ’em.

Kyle at Bitter’s Bait and Tackle reports that a few folks are catchin’ some specks off the seawall in Sanford. The specks haven’t moved into the shallows yet but with some cooler weather, a few specks may move up to the shallow water. Kyle also reports that folks are still catchin’ a few bass in our lakes and chains in our area. Kyle fished a benefit tournament last weekend and it took five bass that weighed a total of 19 pounds to win on Lake Toho.

The bass were bitin’ on the Harris Chain last weekend. It’s been takin 25 to 30 pounds for five bass to win tournaments on the chain. While I was out of town, my buddy Rick fished the Harris Chain and caught a few bass, includin’ a 4 pounder. He said it was kinda slow but, hey, any time you get on the water it’s a good thing.

John and his nephew Chet are still catchin’ numbers of bass on the Butler Chain. They haven’t caught any big ones lately, but they are catchin’ 18 to 20 bass per trip as of late. So, if you want to go and catch some bass, the Butler Chain may be a great place to catch some bass. Most of the bass are bein’ caught on plastic worms and slow-sinkin’ Senko-type baits.

Congratulations to Eric Panzironi of Longwood. He finished in seventh place in the Phoenix Bass Fishing League in the Gator Division. MLF fishing is the major sponsor of this tournament. We wish Eric well as he travels to Tennessee to fish the Toyota Series this week. Also, Eric was angler of the year in the Gator Division this year. Good luck, Eric, in Tennessee. We are lookin’ for another win in Tennessee.

Well, it’s great to be back home and we are lookin’ forward to some cooler weather this Halloween weekend. See ya next week. 

Tip of the week: cooler weather.

Save a few and good luck!