Speck catchin’ is still good in Lake Monroe and Lake Jesup


Hello Folks,

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are head-in for another great year of fishin’ in Central Florida. I’m gettin’ some good reports on the speck fishin’. Folks are still catchin’ specks in Lake Monroe and Lake Jesup. Kyle at Bitter’s B&T reports folks catch specks in those two lakes on minners. You need to get a bucket of minners and drift open water until you locate a school of’em. Keep driftin’ back and forth over the same area until they quit bitin’. Once the specks quit bitin’ in that area keep driftin’ open water in different area’s of the lake until you locate another school of’em. Then, do the same thing again. I look where there is a-lot of boats in a certain area of the lake. I don’t move in on them, I do show a little fishin’ etiquette, but I fish that area of the lake, and try to find my own school of specks. I was on the water last week and I did see a-lot of folks speck fishin’ in The Harris Chain. Folks are driftin’ open water with minners and catchin’ some nice specks. I seen folks driftin’ the deep holes in Lake Carlton and Lake Dora. I think it just a matter of gettin’ on the water and driftin’ for’em and hopefully you will find a nice school of specks to catch.

The bass fishin’ has been in our local lakes. Kyle reports that they are sellin’ lots of wild shiners durin’ the holidays and folks are catchin’ some nice bass on’em. A-lot of the guides that fish The Butler Chain free-line shiners out the back of their boats. You can try fishin’ shiners that way in your favorite local lakes as well. Once the bass go on the beds you will have to change tactics and try fishin’ your shiners along the shoreline cover and the thick vegetation located through out the lake. The shiners will get under the cover and entice those big bass to bite. So get that tactic a try next time you go shiner fishin’. Kyle has been fishin’ John’s Lake lately and he and his fishin buddy are catchin’ some nice bass in the chain. They are catchin’ they’re bass on a variety of lures. Mostly on topwater and slow sinkin’ Senko type baits. Kyle recommends tying a lipless crank-bait on one of your rods in case the bass start schoolin’ around you. Well that’s it for this week. Again, I hope you had a Happy New Year and like me you are lookin’ forward to 2020. Hopefully it’s gonna be your best year out on the water. See ya next week.

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