Southern Safety Services knows that gun owners need to have proper training


While choosing and carrying an effective firearm is important, the time and effort you spend learning to properly operate that firearm will probably pay more dividends in effectiveness should you ever have to use it. To be effective, you must be completely comfortable with every aspect of handgun safety and possible usage.

Southern Safety Services can help and offers classes for anyone who wants a Florida concealed weapons permit or simply a better understanding of how to handle a firearm. Classes are available daily with an NRA certified pistol instructor and will provide a private indoor range, group rates, female-only classes and gun safety. They also provide flexible scheduling and can schedule classes around your calendar.

Southern Safety Services was founded in January of 2010 by Hollis H. Kendall. They are a private, locally owned family company that takes great pride in providing services to help keep the community safe.

Whether you want a concealed permit or to just take a handgun safety course, Southern Safety Services offers both. In addition, their instructors have real world experience and a love for teaching. The credibility and effectiveness of their training rests in the hands of their instructors. They provide personalized training and have thousands of satisfied customers from all over Central Florida.

     In a concealed carry class, you can expect to learn the rules, regulations, and  everything you will need to know about carrying a concealed gun in public. You will be so familiar and comfortable that you can draw, shoot, clear malfunctions and reload without consciously thinking about what you’re doing.

If you have to use conscious thought to accomplish these tasks, your ability to defend yourself is diminished, because as a concealed carry citizen, you only have the right to use deadly force when you literally fear for your life or the life of someone else, and fear almost always diminishes performance.

To be eligible to be licensed, you must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident alien, have a clear criminal record, able to demonstrate competency with a firearm, current United States resident, 21 years of age or older (those under 21 may take the class and apply for their license upon reaching age 21).

Southern Safety Services wants you to know that you don’t have to be a victim, but knowing how to protect yourself is crucial. Southern Safety Services can provide you with the knowledge to be safe.

Southern Safety Services offers a complete line of non-lethal personal protection items that do not require a license, such as stun guns and pepper spray. They are an authorized dealer of the Guard Dog line of products, as these offer a lifetime warranty.

Hollis Kendall also serves as a private investigator. Hollis Kendall Agency has been serving the Greater Orlando area and was recently voted the best investigator in the 2017 Best of Apopka. They investigate everything from a missing person to looking into infidelity claims, or finding a biological parent or family member. They do it all including custody cases.

Give them a call today at 407-814-1895 for more information. They are located at 235 E. 5th Street, Apopka, FL. Office hours are Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and other times are available by appointment.

For more information, visit them online at Do it for yourself and for your loved ones.