Shirt sales to aid local cancer group as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month


The Apopka Fire Department is teaming up with the Apopka-based Gina McReynolds Foundation during October to sell shirts that will benefit the foundation and those it helps.

The dark gray shirts will sell for $25 plus $5 shipping. Due to COVID, those wishing to purchase the T-shirts must be purchased online.

The shirts may be ordered by visiting

Each October, members of the Apopka Fire Department sell shirts to raise money as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This year, the department is partnering with the Gina McReynolds Foundation in order to raise funds for the organization, which gives financial aid to women in the area who have breast cancer.

“We do financial support,” said McReynolds Foundation board member Mike Bogle. “Usually, it starts out with a cash contribution to the family and then we just see what they need. It’s been everything from that initial check to helping with tuition for kids for school. We’ve helped with nanny funds. We’ve helped with anything and everything you could imagine. We’ve helped with school clothes. We’ve taken kids shopping.

“Our mission is to be a family member willing to help. We also have financial counseling through the whole crazy insurance stuff. We teach them how to navigate the system, and what bills to worry about and what bills not to worry about.”

But, Bogle said, it’s not just about the dollars as those with cancer need emotional support as well.

“We have the emotional support side, too. We have a private Facebook page for all the ladies so they can interact and communicate with each other and give each other helpful tips, giving them a community to let them know that they have somebody in their corner,” he said.

The foundation, which uses the moniker of Team Gina for its efforts, also has special events for the women and other members of their families.
Bogle said the group is helping 20-30 families per year.

Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the Gina McReynolds Foundation. The group was begun in 2012, two years after Gina McReynolds was diagnosed with breast cancer. The group’s first fundraising golf tournament was held in April 2012.

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