Orange County School Board upholds face-to-face instruction plan for families who selected it


The Orange County School Board voted 6-2 to uphold the face-to-face instruction plan for OCPS families who selected this option.

The Orange County School Board had a special meeting on Monday, August 17, at the Ronald Blocker Educational Leadership Center in Orlando.

For over five hours, board members held public comment and discussion on the recommendations from the board’s Medical Advisory Committee and any potential revisions to the OCPS 2020-2021 Optional Reopening Innovative Plan.

In an August 14 letter to the School Board, the Medical Advisory Committee made several recommendations for OCPS’ face-to-face instruction. 

Among them are to keep Friday, August 21, as the start date of face-to-face instruction for elementary school and voluntary pre-kindergarten programs; but to delay the start date to Monday, August 31 for middle and high schools because of the coronavirus’s higher potential for transmission and a potentially more complicated tracing process.

After discussion, the school board voted to uphold the previous plan that was approved last month. For families who selected face-to-face instruction, students will attend school in-person beginning Friday, August 21.

Families who chose LaunchEd@Home for their child will continue with this option, which had begun on August 10 and continue until Thursday, August 20. 

All of the health and safety measures that have been put in place will proceed as planned. The measures are outlined in the Health and Safety Procedures Manual.

The Apopka Chief will have an expanded story in its Friday, August 21, issue.