Rock Springs Ridge residents show support of potential land swap deal


More than 500 Rock Springs Ridge homeowners attended a community meeting where they discussed a proposed land swap that would stop potential development on the subdivision’s closed golf course, and nearly all in attendance seemed enthusiastic about the proposal. At the end of the meeting, Mayor Bryan Nelson asked for a show of hands for those in favor of the proposed land swap and nearly every hand went up and there were many people cheering.

The community meeting took place on Tuesday, April 27, at the Apopka amphitheater at the Northwest Recreation Complex.

Bob Dello Russo, owner of the closed golf course at Rock Spring Ridge, proposed to swap that parcel for two city-owned properties totaling $2,485,000.

On stage at the amphitheater, Mayor Bryan Nelson discussed the proposal then took questions and comments from homeowners.

A common concern at the April 27 meeting was the actual cost of the Rock Springs Ridge Golf Course going forward, according to Olsen.

For years, Rock Springs Ridge homeowners have protested more development on the closed golf course, saying that Rock Springs Ridge is already built out and to add extra houses would cause existing homes’ values to decline.

Homeowners also said that whereas the planned development unit showed that Rock Springs Ridge has 1,442 acres and therefore should only have one house per acre, in reality the subdivision only has 1,142 acres. Currently 1,320 homes exist in the subdivision.

The full story begins on page 1A of the Friday, April 30, issue of The Apopka Chief.

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