Private funeral arrangements made for Apopka firefighter


Private funeral arrangements have been made for this Saturday for Austin Duran, the Apopka firefighter who died in the line of duty on Friday, July 15, weeks after sustaining injuries from a workplace accident. 

The funeral arrangements will be on the morning of Saturday, July 23, with a private viewing by family and Apopka Fire Department personnel at Loomis Funeral Home in Apopka, followed by a procession to Journey Christian Church for service. The service is for family, Apopka Fire Department personnel, and outside fire department personnel.

Outside fire departments wishing to participate in the procession may contact Lieutenant Alex Klepper at 407-618-6111. 

The following is a July 19 statement from the Apopka Fire Department as part of its announcement of the funeral arrangements: 

As fire fighters we are trained to have courage and strength where others do not. We are conditioned to be the light shining in the darkest of nights. To us, there is no greater calling than this.  The impulse of a firefighter to help is not a lonely impulse, but it is shared and agreed upon in every department conversation, every shared meal, every training drill, and every company meeting. There is only one reason to wear the uniforms of our departments, and that is to be there when we are needed. If you were to ask any fireman what their biggest fear is, it will never be running into a burning building, or rescuing a child from an accident. 

We are living our worst fear now, our worst nightmare come true. Our strength and courage sapped dry. It is difficult to convey how much gratitude we feel for the overwhelming and outpouring of support from our community. They have been our strength, our courage, and our light shining in our darkest night. From providing meals, visits to the stations, phone calls, and messages all to encourage and uplift us in a time where we are unable to find strength and courage for ourselves. The hearts that have gathered around us are pulsing with their concern, support, and love for us. It is impossible to articulate words that would ever carry the true depth of how thankful we are for each and every single person who has touched our lives.

 The wave of courage that has been outstretched to us will carry us on to the solid earth once again, and stabilize our footing. It has sustained us, and brought us comfort and peace. We ask that you line the processional path as we say our final goodbye to our brother and friend Austin Duran.

In lieu of flowers, consider making a donation to First Responders Children’s Foundation or a charity of your choice in honor of Duran.