One Christmas Eve is a modern-day love story about three couples in different stages of their lives


Local author Lisa McClung has always enjoyed Christmas movies. She wanted to write a story that incorporated a Christmas theme that included both romance and Christianity.

In January of 2019 Lisa wrote One Christmas Eve, which is a fictional love story. There are action packed events that evolve as numerous beautiful love stories unfold. Some of the names of the characters in the story are based on her family members from her Italian heritage.  Her parents, who play characters in the book own an Italian Diner.

The story, One Christmas Eve is a beautiful wholesome love story that Lisa has been able to share with people all over the world.  Although, her book – One Christmas Eve was just published a few months ago, it is now in over 22 countries, and every week is finding it sold in another country.  As she gave her grandchildren their signed copies of her book, she told them, parents all over the world should be excited that their children can read a wholesome love story that glorifies God.

This book is a multi-generational book for ages 10 and up.  “It’s so exciting to hear the wonderful feedback on the book from so many different age groups from teenagers to the middle 80s” stated Mrs. McClung.  Through action-packed events such as a house fire, and dog rescues, God brings three couples together in different stages of their lives, all in His perfect timing”.  This book is full of joy and laughter. “You’ll find bible scriptures throughout the story, so, it’s great for schools, church bookstores, youth groups, and it’s now being sold in several colleges/universities all over the world” stated Mrs. McClung.

Lisa McClung was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, and moved to Florida in 1987.  In 2005 Lisa met a lady who was deaf, and both were members of a local church that offered free sign language classes through God’s Hands Agency. Her friend taught her American Sign Language which turned into a ministry where she shares the gospel through sign language and dance.

McClung is a writer who has ministered in hospitals and nursing homes for the last 30 years. She also facilitates getting the deaf and hard of hearing into churches that provide interpreters so they too can hear the gospel. Lisa also offers pet therapy at nursing homes in Apopka and volunteers at a local special-needs housing facility.

Lisa is married to Dennis,  the love of her life and has three beautiful grandchildren, two are 15 years old, and one is 16 years old, and they live in Florida.

One Christmas Eve can also be a great Christmas gift for the avid readers in your life. Make sure you get your copy by ordering today! It can be ordered at any local bookstore and is sold online on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Apple iTunes. Walmart and Target both sold-out online, but they will be getting more in so please keep checking online.