Natural Gas is fueling the future of clean energy

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For 177 million American consumers, the benefits of natural gas are no secret.

One of the most common and abundant forms of energy in the U.S. and the supply of 29 percent of all energy used nationwide, natural gas is the fuel of choice for so many homes and businesses for good reason.

The dependability, affordability, and resiliency of natural gas is more important than ever. As natural gas is delivered through 2.5 million miles of pipeline, free of tanks and deliveries, natural gas customers can still enjoy the resource’s versatility – from access to hot water, cooking, clothes drying, lighting and generators – even in the midst of a major storm.

No matter the time of year, natural gas is always convenient, quickly lighting up fireplaces, stoves and cooktops, while saving space with no need for a bulky fuel storage tank.

It’s also easy on the wallet. U.S. consumers of natural gas save more than $800 on energy bills each year, on average, compared to those who use electricity, propane, or oil. Beyond yearly savings, natural gas also serves as a great long-term investment, as the availability of natural gas can often lead to a higher resale value of your home. Plus, as most of the natural gas used is produced in the U.S., America’s energy dollars stay at home.

To take advantage of all the benefits natural gas has to offer, it’s important to tap into the resource through ‘direct use’ – the practice of using natural gas service directly in homes and businesses, rather than burning it as a generation fuel for electricity.

Direct use also plays a key role in the ‘full fuel cycle,’ as your fuel choice affects how much energy is retained (or lost) by the time it is delivered to your home.

From wellhead to burner tip, natural gas retains 90 percent of its usable energy along its direct-use journey to appliances in your home or business. Electricity, on the other hand, loses more than 70 percent of its usable energy by the time it reaches an electrical outlet.

Natural gas is the most efficient energy source available, giving you the power to save money while helping to save the planet by contributing to a cleaner environment, all through a simple choice in energy.

Because natural gas is the cleanest burning of all fossil fuels, the only by-products are water vapor and traces of innate elements. This means that a home with natural gas appliances is a clean home, producing approximately 45 percent less carbon dioxide, and total energy consumption is 33 percent less than a similar home with all electric appliances.

By choosing natural gas for direct use through appliances in your home or business, you can play an important role in keeping the environment clean and safe for generations to come.

Ready to save on your energy bill and cut back on your carbon footprint? Make the switch to natural gas to go green, save money, and ensure your hot water is always there when you need it, even in a storm or power outage.

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