Looking to buy or sell your home? Denny Shiver Realty can help you through the real estate journey

Denny Shiver Realty, LLC was founded by Estate Broker Denny Shiver, (pictured above). His goal is to provide the region’s homebuyers and sellers with a more personal, client-centered level of service. Call Denny Shiver at 407-625-1503 or email him at Denny@DennyShiver.com.

Spring and summer are typically a busy time for buying and selling homes, but the coronavirus pandemic has pushed homeowners and shoppers into new, uncharted territory.

“Even in this challenging time, people still have a need to buy or sell their homes. Now, more than ever before, enlisting the services of a licensed realtor is of the utmost importance. Denny Shiver Realty, LLC expertise and resources can best assess the buying or selling power, market conditions, property evaluation, financing, and more,” stated Denny Shiver.

Licensed since 2001, Denny Shiver’s sole mission has been to establish long lasting relationships with his clients, built on the foundations of reliability and experience. His adage, managing your property so you can manage your life, is a standard to which he sternly holds. “From beginning to closing, I can make the process of your home buying or selling your home or property hassle-free”, stated Shiver.

With many years of real estate experience, Denny Shiver knows how important communication is for all buyers or sellers. He makes sure phone calls, emails and text messages are returned in a timely manner. He is happy to answer questions and happy to stay on the phone with uneasy clients. He is a frontrunner regarding open communication throughout the whole transaction.

Denny was awarded Orange County District 2 Citizen of the Year in 2012. That commitment to people and community is what drives him to provide the highest level of one-on-one service. He knows the neighborhoods very well and explains everything he’s doing in a clear, precise and simple manner. He explains the process, potential roadblocks and even the possibility of a few scenarios that could occur. He informs his clients about negotiating and keeps regular communication open and will adjust their strategy if needed. He is there to guide you, but ultimately the decisions are always in your hands.

Denny Shiver Realty, LLC has always looked out for the client’s interests during their real estate journey, and now protecting your health as well. They’ve adopted a set of best practices for the process, from listing to viewing to closing that ensures all parties stay safe and comfortable with the process. They’re encouraged to adhere to these best practices to help their customers engage in homebuying and selling with more confidence.

Buyers can be confident that Denny Shiver Realty, LLC will guide you in your home search, assess your buying power, help you negotiate, provide due diligence during property evaluations, lay out financing options, and guide you through the closing process. They have resources to assist you in your home search. They lead in accessing a variety of information resources, such as local community information on utilities, zoning, schools, etc.

You, as a seller can be confident that you will always be provided with: up-to-date information on marketplace conditions and assessment of competing properties, marketing your property effectively to other realtors and the public, expert advice on advertising your property, evaluation of every buyer’s proposal, and to close the sale.

Denny Shiver is the professional to help you negotiate. There are myriad negotiating factors, including, but not limited to, price, financing, terms, date of possession and perhaps the inclusion or exclusion of repairs and furnishings or equipment. They can advise you as to which investigations and inspections are recommended or required.

Denny Shiver Realty, LLC has been delivering exceptional results for property owners, investors and residents alike, and has emerged as a market leader. Their commitment to staying in front of the rapidly changing market conditions and broad range of expertise has earned superior results for their clients.

Simply put, now is not the time to go it alone. Let Denny Shiver a trained licensed realtor and broker make sure your real estate journey is a smooth one — and one that gets you home safely.

A key difference between a house and home, is how you feel when you use your key for the first time and a smile reaches your heart and you begin your new journey making a lifetime of memories.