Liner Patch and Deb’s Garden Shop is the place to go for all your gardening needs

Visit Liner Patch and Debs Garden Shop located at 4420 Plymouth Sorrento Road, Apopka Open from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Saturday.

Spring is here, and gardening season is in full swing. Liner Patch has unique finds at affordable prices.

If you have a garden or have ever planted anything, you know that the bugs are attracted to the plants. They nibble and lay eggs on them. Adding these plants marigold, lavender, and basil to your garden may help with mosquitoes and act as natural insect repellents. Begonias, as an example, are perfect for Florida’s hot and humid summers. They enjoy the damp and warm soil, so begonias would make themselves right at home in your yard. Milkweed is quite common to attract Monarch butterflies. Having these beautiful plants right outside your window will allow you to see the beautiful cycle of life of a Monarch butterfly. Because Florida’s weather is so humid, fugus and fungal diseases for plants are common. Fungicide is a highly requested product, especially in Florida.

There is a little place called Liner Patch at 4420 Plymouth Sorrento Road, and they have just what you need. Liner Patch and Deb’s Garden Shop is a family-owned business. Rick and Justin are there with plenty of knowledge for any questions you may have. Their pride is what they do for and in the community. Liner Patch/Deb’s Garden Shop is a part of The Apopka Chamber of Commerce. They are a business that works with charitable groups and a place where products arrive daily. For 21 years, Rick Dunn, the owner of Liner Patch, has been serving his community with his business that sells iron benches, rocking chairs, pottery pieces and even wind chimes. They sell cultural pieces and professional quality lawn care tools along with the highly rated Bush Doctor Fungicide by Fox Farms. Liner Patch even makes hats with custom embroidery.

Liner Patch opened a garden shop out front of its building and named it Deb’s Garden  Shop after his late wife, who, before she got sick, always talked about opening a garden shop. They carry a nice selection of Espoma Organic fertilizer along with
Ferti-Lome and Fox Farms plant foods to help grow your plants. Deb’s Garden Shop sells both indoor and outdoor plants. In the garden there’s milkweed, desert rose, lavender, peacock fern and so much more.

Riding by Liner Patch you may also catch a glimpse of their sign which every now and then has a little humor just to give a good laugh to your day. On their Instagram,
Liner Patch, they post new plants and flowers they have in stock. Their Facebook page, Liner Patch, will always keep you updated on new sales and even if they are closing early. Every now and then, they will post something to make you laugh or smile. They have even asked that people stop in to just say “hi”.

A business that sells flowers and makes you laugh is a rare occasion; it is just as beautiful as the flowers and plants they are selling.