Like John Anderson sings, wind has been blowin’ all around the Sunshine State


Hello Folks,

Apopka’s own John Anderson sang a song released in 1992 that goes like this, “Blow, Blow, Seminole Wind, blow, blow like you’re never gonna blow again.” That song reminds me of the wind we have been havin’ lately. I get up and it’s blowin’ and when I go to bed it’s still blowin’. It does make it a little tough for fishin’, but if you are willin’ to get on the water, the fishin’ has not been too bad.

The fishin’ has been good in most of the lakes but once the wind gets up it makes stayin’ in one area a little rough. Rick and I fished the Butler Chain last week and we caught plenty of small bass. The biggest bass was around 2 lbs. If you want to take someone fishin’ and catch a bunch of bass, I suggest you take them to the Butler Chain. We caught most of our bass on plastic worms. There were plenty of small bass schoolin’ all around us as well.

Kyle at Bitter’s Bait and Tackle reports that the wind has kept a lot of anglers off the water. The panfishin’ has been slow this past week on Lake Monroe and Lake Jesup. Once the wind settles a little, the bluegills and shellcrackers will start bitin’ again. We have the full moon on Monday, May 16. If the wind settles down, you should find plenty of panfish on the beds in those two lakes. You might try fishin’ the St. Johns River around the pads with wigglers for panfish, too.

Kyle reports that the bass fishin’ on the St. Johns has been good. You should be able to get out of the wind a little better in the river. You should be able to catch some bass around the pads, laydowns, and the shellbeds. The bass fishin’ on John’s Lake has been really good even with all the wind.

The Xtreme Bass Trail held its monthly tournament out of Camp Mack on the Kissimmee Chain on Mother’s Day. Congrats to Marlon Crowder and Kolbi Morgan on their win. They weighed in the winnin’ stringer of five bass that weighed a total of 26.34 lbs. They also caught the biggest bass of the tournament that hit the scales at 8.60 lbs. So, it’s safe to say the bass are bitin’ on the Kissimmee Chain, too.

The bass fishin’ on the Harris Chain has been good, too. Folks are catchin’ their bass flippin’ the Kissimmee grass and fishin’ the shellbeds throughout the chain. You can catch some bass around the submerged hydrilla and eelgrass beds as well. Most of the off-shore bass are bein’ caught on a Bitter’s Vibe and a Magnum Speed worm.

Well, that’s it this week. I hope you get a chance to do some fishin’ this weekend or durin’ the week.

Tip of the week: full moon Monday.

Save a few and good luck!