Lakes, rivers are in good shape after last summer’s rains


Hello Folks,

I hope you had a great New Year and you are lookin’ forward to another great year of fishin’. We had a lot of rain last summer and the lakes seem to be in good shape. The water levels are up and that will allow the bass to get into some new areas of the lake to spawn, so there is a good chance that the bass may be spawnin’ in different areas of the lake. You may have to fish in areas of the lake that you haven’t fished before, which can be excitin’ as you explore new areas to fish.

We have a full moon on Friday so that should help the fishin’ in most of the lakes in our area. Kyle at Bitter’s Bait and Tackle reports that folks are still catchin’ some specks in Lake Monroe and Lake Jesup. Most folks are driftin’ open water with minners tryin’ to locate a school of specks.  Once you find ’em, keep driftin’ back and forth over the school until they quite bitin’. If you haven’t caught your limit by then, look for another school and do the same thing. The specks have been bitin’ pretty steady in those two lakes. Also fish the bridges and channels in Lake Monroe. Kyle reports some good results in those areas of the lake.

When I was on the water last week, I saw lots of folks fishin’ for specks in the Harris Chain. They were driftin’ for specks in open water as well, so if you want to catch some specks, try this technique and you should be able to catch some specks on your next trip. Get a bucket of minners and get the family together and go catch some specks.

The bass fishin’ is gettin’ ready to kick off our best bass fishin’ season. Lots of folks are gettin’ on the water and doin’ some bass fishin’. You will be able to catch plenty of bass on wild shiners durin’ the next few months. The bass will be in different stages gettin’ ready for spawnin’ time. You will find bass chasin’ bait fish fillin’ their bellies before they go on the beds, so look for bass feedin’ on the bait fish along the shoreline. You will also find some bass schoolin’ on baitfish just off the shoreline as well.

Rick and I fished the Butler Chain last week and the fishin’ was a little tough for us. We did see some bass feedin’ on baitfish but they were little. We fished a lot of different areas of the lake and we would catch one here and one there but we didn’t find ’em stacked up in one area of the lake. Kyle also reports that he fished John’s Lake and he and his fishin’ partner caught some bass on a variety of baits. Some on top-water, a few on plastic worms, and some on Senko-type baits.

The bass are still bitin’ on shiners in the Maitland Chain of lakes. Folks are driftin’ open water with shiners and doin’ real good. The bass are startin’ to make some beds in the chain so look for some bass in shallow water as you fish.

Well, that’s it for this week. Have a great week and go fishin’ every chance you can.

Tip of the week: full moon Friday.

Save a few and good luck!