Lake Jessup is the hot spot for bluegills and catfish


Hello Folks,

I’m hopin’ you are havin’ a great week and you are lookin’ forward to gettin’ on the water and catchin’ some fish.

The bluegills and shellcrackers are still bitin’ and the bass fishin’ hasn’t been too bad either. It’s hot but that’s summer fishin’ here in Florida. Just make sure you take along plenty of Gatorade and water. Keep yourself hydrated while you are fishin’.

Kyle at Bitter’s B & T reports that folks are catchin’ plenty of bluegills in Lake Jesup and Lake Monroe. The hot spot has been Lake Jesup. Folks are gettin’ their limits of bluegills on red worms, which is 50 fish for each person. So, if you want to take the family and catch some bluegills, head over to Lake Jesup and have a great time. You will also catch a few catfish while you are catchin’ bluegills.

The bass fishin’ is still doin’ good durin’ the day or at night. Kyle reports some nice bass still bein’ caught in the Maitland chain on shiners. Folks are freelinin’ shiners over the submerged hydrilla and eel-grass beds. You can also catch some bass on chatter-baits and plastic worms. You can catch some bass in the Butler chain as well.

Folks are catchin’ numbers of small bass on a variety of lures. Lipless crank-baits, plastic worms, and slow sinkin’ Senko type baits have been workin’ the best. The bass fishin’ at John’s Lake has been pretty good durin’ the day but the bass fishin’ has been better at night. It’s a lot cooler at night for bass fishin’ so give it a try this summer and see how it goes.

The bass fishin’ has been good up at the Harris chain this summer. They have been havin’ a lot of tournaments over the summer and the results have been pretty good. This past weekend the American Bass Anglers held a tournament out of Venetian Gardens in Leesburg. Keith Carson of DeBary weighed in five bass that weighed 26.5 lbs. He also had an 8.28-lb. big bass as a kicker to help put him in the winner’s circle.

The biggest bass of the tournament was caught by Shelton Smith from St. Cloud. His big bass weighed in at 10.25 lbs. Keith reported that he was catchin’ his bass in Lake Dora fishin’ the submerged hydrilla and eel-grass beds in the lake. After catchin’ a few small bass he decided to start flippin’ the heavy cover in Lake Dora. Keith had located some big bass along the shoreline and that’s where he fished the rest of the day. It was a great move on his part and it paid off at the end of the tournament. Keith won the tournament and a nice check for $5,200 dollars. Congratulations Keith on your win.

Well that’s it for this week. I hope you get a chance to go fishin’ this weekend and have a great time on the water.

Tip of the week: Summer fishin’ at night.

Save a few and good luck!