Labor Day weekend wasn’t great for fishin’ but it was fun


Hello Folks,

Well, I hope you and your family had a great Labor Day weekend, I know I did. We had lots of barbecued ribs, burnt ends, pulled pork, coleslaw, mac and cheese, rolls, and plenty of sweet tea, too. My daughter and son-in-law hosted lots of folks all day and we had a blast.

I went to the Harris Chain over the weekend and there were lots of boats on the water. The fishin’ was a little slow but, hey, a bad day on the water is better than a good day at work. As I mentioned last week, with the hot weather, not too many folks are fishin’ for bluegills or specks. Folks just haven’t been goin’ fishin’ due to the heat and the bite has been a little slow as well. If you did decide to try to go panfishin’, I would suggest Lake Jesup. You will have the best chance to catch some over there. You need a few red worms, or a bucket of minners, and fish under the State Road 417 bridge for specks.

The bass fishin’ has been OK in the Harris Chain. Most folks are gettin’ on the water real early or late in the evenin’. Look for some runnin’ water flowin’ into the chain from the afternoon rains.

If you want to fish the Kissimmee Chain, I would look for flowin’ water in the mouth of the canals that flow from lake to lake. You should find bait fish hangin’ around the movin’ water and the bass will be feedin’ on the bait fish around those types of areas.

If you go fishin’ on the St. Johns River, you will find plenty of feeder creeks flowin’ into the river, and those areas should be holdin’ a few bass for you as well.

Folks are catchin’ lots of bass on the Butler Chain. Folks aren’t catchin’ too many big bass but they are havin’ a blast catchin’ lots of schoolers and fishin’ the offshore grass beds. The bass like to get out of the bright sunlight and they will get in the big thick patches of grass in the shade when it’s this hot. The water is a little cooler under the grass, and the grass keeps the sun out of their eyes. You won’t find too many bass wearin’ sunglasses like we do, so they have to adapt to their surroundings, and stay cool and in the shade.

I wish I had some really hot news on the bass fishin’ but, like I said, earlier, the fishin’ is slow, it’s hot, and not too many folks are fishin’.

I’ll see ya next week.

Tip of the week: early.

Save a few and good luck!