It’s been kinda slow again this week…


Hello Folks,

I hope you are lookin’ forward to the weekend and getting’ on the water and doin’ a little fishin.’

Kyle at Bitter’s B&T reports that it’s been kinda slow again this week.

He did have a few anglers try their luck at speck fishin’. They picked up a few minners and a few headed to Lake Jesup and the other folks went to Lake Monroe.

These anglers reported that they didn’t care if they caught any specks or not, they just wanted to get out of the house. They either got all their honey do’s done or they didn’t. All they knew was they were gettin’ out of the house, and that’s all that mattered.

Kyle didn’t have any good news on the bass fishin,’ he just reported that it’s been kinda slow in most of the chains in our area.

A good friend of mine, Ken, has been fishin’ the Winter Park Chain after work and he has been catchin’ a few bass on topwater baits. He says as long as there is no lightnin,’ he just puts on his rain suit and goes fishin’.

My neighbor John and his nephew Chet fished the Butler Chain last week and they caught and released 14 bass up to 2.0 lbs. They were off the water before the storms hit, but they still got wet at the ramp loadin’ the boat.

They caught most of their bass on plastic worms, out in deep water.

A few anglers are fishin’ late in the evenin’ on the Harris Chain. They are catchin’ a few bass out deep around the submerged hydrilla and ell-grass patches throughout the chain.

Folks are catchin’ a few bass on Johns Lake but again, it’s been kinda slow. The Wednesday night tournament last week had 14 boats show up to fish.

The winnin’ team of Jason Rhatigan and Alex Hill weighed in three-fish limit which hit the scales at 13.7 lbs. They also had big bass for the tournament that weighed in at 6.25 lbs. Congrats guys on your win.

Folks, I wish had some better fishin’ news for you, but it’s summer time here in our area. My calendar says that fall starts on September 22. I’m ready folks, ain’t you?

Tip of the week: Night time.

Save a few and good luck