High winds and rain can wreak havoc on weak trees, causing property damage

Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. Being prepared can help you minimize the impact of the storm. Call Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping today at 321-689-5866 to schedule your free evaluation and estimate.

A pitfall to living in the subtropics is the ever-present threat of strong storms and hurricanes.

Having a completely hurricane-proof yard is next to impossible, but decisions you make before a storm hits can determine how well your home or property survive the fiercest of storms. Hurricanes can alter landscapes in an instant. There are ways you can prepare your property for a hurricane and steps you can take to minimize the damage after a hurricane has occurred.

One important preventative measure you can take to ensure your safety as well as that of your property is to maintain your trees properly.

High winds and heavy rain can wreak havoc on weak and stressed trees, causing branches to snap or trees to uproot. With any storm, there is a chance for property damage to occur. Not all damage occurring during a storm is a result of high winds alone. Property damage can also be a result of falling trees and flying landscape debris. The key to minimizing your risk against property damage is storm preparedness.

“Hurricane winds can easily cause trees and branches to fall on or near your home during a storm. Keeping plants trimmed and removing dead or damaged trees and limbs can help keep you and your home safe during a storm,” stated James Maltby, owner of Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping.

Mr. Maltby went on to say, “It’s important to have your trees pruned. This is a proactive measure you can take to help reduce the risk of storm damage. The goal is to achieve a healthy and strong structure with an open canopy. This allows air to flow through the branches freely and, in some instances, the tree can actually protect the house itself by serving as a buffer.”

“Trees can be a beautiful landscaping feature on any property. But, it’s important to keep them maintained; otherwise they can cause a lot of frustration for the homeowner,” Mr. Maltby added.

The professionals at Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping can easily assess the condition of your trees and property and then suggest the best course of action to take. They will then do the necessary work to bring your trees to optimal condition so when that storm does occur, your trees and property will be ready.

Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping is a full service tree company that offers tree trimming, tree removal, landscaping, and monthly maintenance. Along with these services, they’re the experts to use for new landscape installation and stump grinding. Their staff is always ready to assist you, and will make sure your landscaping and tree needs are met to your satisfaction.

They provide free stump grinding with tree removal services and always provide free estimates. Whenever they perform a tree removal service, their employees work quickly and efficiently, while adhering to the highest standards of safety. They do all that and at very competitive prices.

Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping pride themselves on quick response times. They’re reachable 24 hours-a-day for any after-hours emergency service.

Owner James Maltby was born and raised in Apopka. He’s a family man, and his employees have been with his company for many years. They hire the best in the business, and honest and dependable work is their priority.

They’re fully licensed and insured, including Workers’ Compensation on all employees.

For your convenience and peace of mind, a management team member is always on site for all services and property evaluations.

Maltby’s Tree Service and Landscaping would be happy to quote commercial tree trimming or removal jobs. Moving into their 18th year in business, you can rest assured you’re in good hands with a company that prides itself on a job well done.

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