Parents, Family & Friends
Let the Caps Fly and the Celebration Begin

 It’s almost time for the scholars to move their tassels from one side to the other.

To commemorate their success, the 2024 Graduation Keepsake Publication will be published Friday, May 31, 2024.

This is your opportunity to give a congratulatory message.

Graduation day is a monumental milestone in a person’s life. It’s full of all the pomp and circumstance involved in a commencement from high school or college, graduation is an accomplishment that deserves recognition and encouragement. 

Graduation Message Sizes and Pricing

1 COL. (1 9/16″) X 3″ …………….. $35
2 COL. (3 1/4″) X 3″ ………………. $50
2 COL. (3 1/4”) x 5”………………   $80
  3 COL. (4 15/16″) X 5″ …………… $100
  4 COL. (6 5/8″) X 5″ ………………. $140

•Other sizes and color are available.
•Pricing includes creating the graduation ad for you.
•The finished ad will be emailed to you for approval.

Ad Deadline: Friday, May 24, • 12 p.m.
To Be Published: Friday, May 31, 2024.

    Yes, I am interested in placing a Graduation Greeting for my 2024 graduate. Please contact me using the following information:

    First Name:
    Last Name:
    Confirm Email:
    Daytime Phone:
    Evening Phone:
    Message for my grad:
    School graduating from:

    Please choose a size for your message:

    Add Color for an additional $50

    Attach a photo of your graduate to be part of your message. (2MB maximum file size)

    To submit more than one photo, email additional photos to along with your name, daytime phone number and the graduates name.

    *Someone from our office will be contacting you shortly to confirm your ad request. Once your ad is created, it will be emailed to you for approval.