GG Buys Houses! Win-win scenarios for buyers, sellers and your community

Business Owner Glorimar Gonzalez pictured above. To find out more information visit her at

Small business owner, Glorimar Gonzalez (GG), operates out of Apopka, FL and is founder of “GG Buys Houses”. Originating out of Sterling, VA, “GG Buys Houses” moved operations to Central, FL after GG retired from 26 years of Government service as an Electrical Engineer and Project Manager.

You may ask, why Apopka? Well, as GG likes to say “family pulls” and that gravitational effect towards wanting to spend more time with family while continuing to work on her next phase in life led her right to Apopka. This move allowed her to invest in several properties around the Central, FL area and has created many jobs for the community.

GG is a real estate investor, or, as she likes to call herself a transactioneer (an engineer of transactions).  Since problem solving is her super power she uses those skills to craft the best solutions possible for her clients. The end result is the strengthening of market value of homes through high quality renovations, providing affordable housing for the community, and helping homeowners.

When a homeowner is selling their home, partnering with a real estate investor is just another tool in the homeowner’s tool bag. “GG Buys Houses” strongly encourages sellers to consider all options. Everyone’s situation is different, and every real estate transaction depends on very specific circumstances. There are no cookie cutter solutions and that is one of the reasons working with GG is special, she will create tailored solutions/offers for each home seller depending on their situation.

For example, let’s say Judy, who lives in a different state, inherits her parent’s home. She is suddenly the owner of this FL home that has not been kept up, real estate taxes have not been paid, and now there’s a lien from the HOA. Judy would call an investor, GG. The first step is to assess the situation by asking some questions, second GG will visit and evaluate the condition of the home, and third a reasonable offer(s) will be crafted. The options will be explained to Judy and she will pick the offer that best suits her needs. The entire process could close in a few weeks, depending on the situation.

Or, a Landlord may own 2 homes, one in FL and he lives in NC. The tenant is not maintaining the home and/or refuses to pay the rent. As time goes by the Landlord decides that he/she is tired of having to deal with the maintenance and the letters from code enforcement regarding the condition of the home. The investor, GG, can help by purchasing the property from the Landlord and improving the home to bring it to HOA and county code standards.

When listing a home, the traditional way, buyers typically expect the home to be in tip top shape and often are willing to pay top dollar. But, what if you lacked the resources to make these necessary repairs in order to get top dollar? Homeowners can work with GG who will buy the house as-is, do all the clean-up and repairs necessary inside and out to bring the home back up to its potential so that basically homeowners can walk away from the property. Although the business model is to work directly with homeowners (quicker, no commissions) sometimes if the house is already listed with a realtor “GG Buys Houses” will collaborate with the listing agent in order to assist the homeowner sell the house.

 “GG Buys Houses” knows how frustrating it can be when trying to figure out the selling process on your own. If you have any questions on anything real estate related you can also contact GG. If she doesn’t know the answer, she can definitely point you towards the direction of an expert on her team or within the community.

For more information or if you would like an evaluation on your home please call 407-501-4001 or visit and fill out the request form.

Please note “GG Buys Houses” follows all CDC guidelines related to Covid-19 when touring homes during the evaluation process. Safety is paramount for the company.