FWC celebrates 25 years of serving Florida


Hello Folks,

I want to wish “The United States of America” a “Happy Birthday America” and I hope and pray we will be blessed with another 248 years. We live in the greatest country in the world and I’m blessed to be able to live in The State of Florida where the best fishin’ is anywhere.

I know what you are going to say – there are some great fisheries in other states and I agree. But the opportunities to fish in fresh water lakes and rivers, then be able to fish the East Coast and the West Coast of Florida for a multitude of species of fish is endless, as well. We could make a list of the types of fish we can fish for in Florida and it will be longer than your weekly grocery list. So whatever type of fishin’ you like to do, freshwater or saltwater, Florida has got you covered.

Also, this month, FWC has been serving the people and wildlife of Florida for 25 years. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission celebrates its Silver Anniversary in conserving the wildlife and habitats of Florida. The FWC became operational on July 1, 1999, after Florida voters elected to replace the Florida Game and Freshwater.

Fish Commission and parts of the Department of Environmental Protection with a new agency. Congrats to FWC on their anniversary. With all the birthday celebrations, I hope you get a chance over the weekend to get out and enjoy some fishin’, or just gettin’ on the water and enjoyin’ the great outdoors. Hopefully, you will get to do some fishin’.

Kyle at Bitter’s Bait & Tackle reports that the bass fishin’ has been good to real good dependin’ on where you are fishin’. The Harris Chain has been fishin’ real good as of late. Most of the bass are bein’ caught in deeper water near the submerged hydrilla and eel-grass patches throughout the chain. If you can find a dock near or close to deep water, you should be able to catch a bass under the dock in the shaded area of the dock. The same goes for deep water in the thick grass. You might try fishin’ the lily pads, which provide shade for the bass, too.

The Kissimmee Chain has been fishin’ real good, too. Most of the bass are around the thick cover as well. If we keep gettin’ some rain, the locks will be open at the Southport Locks. You should be able to catch some bass near or around the runnin’ water. You can try the mouth of Lake Cypress or the mouth of Lake Kissimmee.

Also, you might try fishin’ the mouth of Shingle Creek where it flows into West Toho. In any water that is bein’ dumped into the next lake down from the Southport, you will find some bass feedin’ on the bait-fish that gets washed down from the locks. I’ve seen as many boats as you can count in the mouth of Lake Kissimmee catchin’ bass that are feedin’ when the water is runnin’.

The Butler Chain is still fishin’ good, and so is the Maitland Chain. Most of the bass are hangin’ around the submerged hydrilla and eel-grass beds throughout both chains.

We are into summer time and that means it’s gonna’ be hot on the water. You need to take along lots of water and Gatorade to keep yourself hydrated while you are fishin’.

That’s it for this week. I hope to see you on the water real soon.

Tip of the week: Runnin’ Water!

Save a few and good luck.