For hometown hearing doctor, it’s all ears on deck for dedicated patient care


As the founder and a provider at Central Florida Audiology, audiologist and Apopka native Dr. Amy Davis gets to honor her passion: changing lives through better hearing.

Did you know? Hearing loss affects an estimated one out of every five people 12 and older in the U.S. It’s the third most common chronic physical condition, per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, yet only a fraction of those who could benefit from hearing care actually receive it.

Local audiologist Amy Davis, Au.D., is out to change that, and she doesn’t have to go far for added inspiration. “One of my greatest joys is being able to talk and communicate with the people I love,” says Davis, who, with her husband, recently welcomed their baby girl, Aubrey. “I wanted to help people with hearing loss be able to communicate and enjoy time with those who mean the most to them.”

After earning her bachelor’s degree at Florida State and a doctorate in audiology at South Alabama, the third-generation Apopka native returned to her hometown to open a private hearing care practice with offices in Apopka and Leesburg. The business, Central Florida Audiology, provides patient education and better hearing solutions for nearly every stage of life.

As a dedicated hearing doctor, Davis understands the critical role of communication in people’s relationships and lives, making her more than just an expert on the latest hearing technology. She takes the time to get to know patients — especially their most challenging listening situations — and helps educate them along the way about hearing in general and their own unique hearing loss.

For Davis, it’s all about personalizing care to patients’ specific needs. If her recommended treatment plan includes hearing technology, she works with the patient to create solutions that match their level of hearing loss, complements their lifestyle, and fits their budget. She also offers follow-up adjustments and hearing retraining programs as part of their investment in better hearing.

It’s an approach shared by her whole team, which includes professionals such as fellow doctor of audiology Leah Sherwood, Au.D., who discovered her own calling in audiology early in college. Sherwood’s experience includes hospital settings as well as working at a private practice and an ear, nose, and throat clinic. During her high school days, she learned American Sign Language.

Central Florida Audiology’s experienced team offers a full range of diagnostic and preventive services, including hearing aid evaluations, cochlear implant evaluations, hearing aid and cochlear implant adjustment, tinnitus retraining therapy, and rehabilitative and preventive counseling. Always evolving to best serve community needs, the practice recently added pediatric and newborn hearing assessments.

No cookie-cutter medical care here. Central Florida Audiology offers an alternative to big-box chains and hearing-aid retailers. As the only AudigyCertified™ hearing care practice in the region, it’s recognized as an elite private clinic in North America for offering the most up-to-date diagnostics and technology and upholding the highest standards of patient care.

Feeling overwhelmed by today’s hearing aid advertising? Let Davis and her team cut through the clutter with patient-centered, education-focused care. Call Central Florida Audiology today at 407-889-5253 or visit

Central Florida Audiology’s locations are at 1120 E. Semoran Boulevard in Apopka and 1108 W. Dixie Avenue in Leesburg.