Fishin’ has slowed somewhat due to change in weather patterns


Hello Folks,

I hope everyone had a great weekend and you had a chance to do some fishin’. I would have to say that the fishin’ has slowed down some, but, hopefully, the fishin’ will get better next week with the full moon.

Kyle at Bitter’s Bait and Tackle reports that the folks in his area said the fishin’ has slowed down as well. The specks have been bitin’ in Lake Jesup under the State Road 417 bridge, but even that’s slowed down from last week. You can still catch a few, but, it’s kinda slow for the most part. Most of the specks have been bitin’ on jigs and minners. The stripers are still bitin’ in the St. Johns River. The stripers are feedin’ on the bait fish throughout the river. You can catch ’em on a variety of baits, includin’ lipless crank-baits, crank-baits, swim-jigs, and small domestic shiners.

The bass fishin’ on the Harris Chain has been hit or miss. Some days, the fishin’ is slow and other days’ it’s slower. Kyle fished the chain this past week and he reports that the bass seem to be in the mood to eat or not eat. It’s that time of year again that I call the transition time. It’s when we go from summer to fall and the fish are tryin’ to make up their mind if they want to eat or not. When they do decide to eat, hopefully, you will be fishin’ that day and you can catch ’em.

On the Butler Chain, the bass fishin’ is good some days. Some days it’s kinda slow but you can still catch a few bass. Most of the bass are bitin’ on the plastic worms and slow-sinkin’ Senko-type baits. Good colors to use has been eiher watermelon-seed with red fleck or junebug. If you get on the water early, try a noisy top-water bait at first light. As the sun gets up, move to deeper water and fish the submerged hydrilla and eel-grass beds. You need to fish really slow if you are fishin plastic worms, or Senkos. You need to give that bass a chance to see it and make up his or her mind if it wants to eat it or not.

John and his nephew are still catchin’ a few bass in the Butler Chain.

I wish I had more to tell you, but, as we head to some cooler days, the fishin’ will get better. The fishin’ in Florida is always better in the winter. That’s why all the national tournament trails come to Florida in the winter. It’s warmer here than it is up north.

Tip of the week: slow. Save a few and good luck!