Fish aren’t sure what to do with weather that changes so quickly


Hello Folks,

Well, it looks like winter is here again and we have the heaters and fireplaces going again. You don’t have to worry through by the time Christmas gets here next week we will be back up to 75 degrees. You know what they say about the winter time in Florida: Just wait 10 minutes and the weather will change.

We have been havin’ some crazy weather and that’s got the fish in a bite-and-no-bite situation  Some days on the water is great and other days you can’t get a bite. Some folks are gettin’ on the water and catchin’ some specks and a few bass. Others are not doin’ so well. Rick and I fished yesterday and due to the wind and boat issues we didn’t catch any bass. As we fished, we did find some specks just off-shore.

Kyle at Bitter’s Bait and Tackle reports that the fishin’ has slowed down in his area of town as well. Folks are still catchin’ some specks in Lake Monroe and Lake Jesup, but the wind and the crazy weather has kept a lot of folks from gettin’ out to fish. Hopefully, the weather will change and folks will be able to get on the water and catch some fish. If you go speck fishin’, most of the specks are bein’ caught on minners driftin’ open water. Look for drop-offs and changes in the bottom contour to find the specks. Once you start getting’ some bites, keep driftin’ over the same area until they quit bitin.

Kyle reports that most of the bass are bein’ caught on shiners in area lakes. They sold out of shiners over the weekend so if you want to make sure you can catch a few bass, get ya some shiners before you go bass fishin’. Kyle also reported that he went bass fishin’ while he was on vacation this past week. He fished John’s Lake and he and his fishin’ partner caught and released about 15 bass. They caught their bass on a variety of baits. They caught some on top-water, lipless crank-baits and plastic worms. Kyle also reported that while he was fishin’, lots of folks were on John’s Lake fishin’ for specks with minners. Most of the specks were caught driftin’ open water over the submerged hydrilla and eel-grass beds.

Well folks, I wish I had better fishin’ news but the fishin’ will get better once the fish get settled into the winter. We are comin’ into our best fishin’ season in the comin’ months, so enjoy your time on the water.

I wanted to take a moment and wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. I hope and pray you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your time with family and friends during this time of the year. God bless you all.

Tip of the week: Merry Christmas!

Save a few and good luck!