Fish are bitin’ very well in most Central Florida lakes, rivers


Hello Folks,

I hope you are havin’ a great week and hopefully you got a chance to do some fishin’. If you didn’t get a chance to go fishin’, hopefully this is your week to go catch some fish. The fish are bitin’ real well in most of the lakes in our area. You can catch some panfish or even go bass fishin’.

Kyle at Bitter’s Bait and Tackle reports that folks are catchin’ lots of bluegills in Lake Monroe, Lake Jesup, and in the St. Johns River.

Folks are gettin’ their limits on most days. Kyle reports that you need to get some red worms or some crickets and go catch some bluegills. They are sellin’ lots of red worms and the fish are bitin’. You can catch ’em by driftin’ open water until you find a bed. Keep driftin’ back and forth over the bed until they quit bitin’. Some folks like to anchor off from the bed and cast to the beds. You can locate the beds by lookin’ for the slick spots on top of the water or you will smell ’em when you drift over the beds. Spring is in the air and the fish are bitin’ and it’s a good place to take the family.

Kyle also reports that the bass fishin’ is doin’ good and folks are catchin’ some nice bass on shiners. Folks are fishin’ from shore in their local lakes and in the bigger chains as well. Folks are still catchin’ some bass in the Harris Chain. Most of the bass are bein’ caught on Speed Worms, chatter-baits, and plastic worms. Folks are catchin’ some nice bass in the Kissimmee Chain, too. You will catch numbers on the chain, but you always have a chance to catch a good ’un.

Kyle also reports that the bass fishin’ in John’s Lake has been good, and they are bitin’ as well. It took more than 24 lbs. on Saturday and Sunday’s tournaments to win. Rick and I fished John’s Lake this week and the bass fishin’ was good for us, too. Rick thought it was gonna be a good day on the water because when we got to the ramp, the parkin’ lot was full.

If you decide to go to John’s Lake, make sure you get there early. We got one of the last two spots left. The bass were bitin’ and we caught 12 bass and they were all good ones. We only had two squeakers.

Both Rick and I caught a five pounder on plastic worms. We did notice that some of the bass look like they were goin’ on the beds. The two buck bass we caught were peein’ so that means the females are gettin’ ready to spawn. The bass are hungry and they are bitin’. One of the bass I caught was really full. After settin’ the hook, I had her up beside the boat and she spit out three small bluegills. I couldn’t believe it. After feedin’ on bluegills, she was still hungry enough to bite my worm. Now that’s a hungry bass.

So if you have been waitin’ to go fishin’, don’t wait any longer. Get the family and go fishin’. See ya next week.

Tip of the week: go fishin’.

Save a few and good luck!