Do you have reason to believe that someone’s unethical behavior is causing harm to you or your business?

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Have you ever wondered why someone might hire a private investigator? What purpose and benefit does it serve? Or, have you wondered what exactly do PI’s do? In short, a private investigator can do many things. Their services cover both civil and criminal matters, and an investigation can remain local, extend state-wide or nationally.

Most people want to think the best of people and not view the world as a place that’s full of dishonesty, fraud and corruption.      

Unfortunately, there are situations that call for expert advice and assistance when individuals and companies are concerned about such threats. That’s when you need a private investigator. The purpose of a private investigator is to help you uncover or find information that’s not necessarily easy to find or in plain view. It sometimes takes a trained pair of eyes to see what you may not see.     

There are many compelling reasons to retain or hire a professional investigator. Many rely on the expertise and professional services of the Hollis Kendall Agency to minimize their personal or business risk and gather clear evidence.

These professionals are ready to assist in business background checks, identity theft risks, abuse, investment scams, fraud, false resumés, employment background checks, personal injury investigation, document verification, personal injury investigation and thousands of other threats that unfortunately exist. They can also help with credit and motor vehicle reports.

Hollis Kendall Agency specializes in personalized investigations for businesses and for families. From investigating a missing person to looking into infidelity claims, or finding a biological parent or family member, they do it all, including custody cases.

The Hollis Kendall Agency is locally owned and operated by Hollis H. Kendall. He has been serving the Greater Orlando area for over two decades. During this time, they’ve worked with all types of businesses and individuals to ensure the clients’ safety, as well as the legitimacy of their potential employees.

As a local investigator, consider Hollis Kendall Agency as your security partner rather than a service provider. You can stay on the safe side with their quick and efficient employee background checks, criminal history checks, and corporate investigations. They dig deeper and have fast turnaround times. In many cases you can receive your report in hours, and not days, as with other agencies.

You can be assured that Hollis Kendall Agency has the means and will power to efficiently carry out an investigation. You can always expect a timely response at affordable rates. Your privacy is taken seriously, with nothing less than 100 percent confidentiality.

Call them today at 407-814-1895 to help with your investigative needs or visit their website at