Columnist Jim Keck shows off an 8 lb. 9 oz. bass he caught in the Harris Chain of Lakes.



Hello Folks,

Oh my gosh! Can you believe this great weather we are havin’ right now? I was beyond needin’ some cool weather. It’s here and I’m happy, and hopefully, you are as well.

The fishin’ is pickin’ up in most of the lakes in our area. Folks are gettin’ on the water and they are doin’ pretty good catchin’ some bluegills and a few shellcrackers. You will have to drift open water with crickets and red worms. I also heard this past weekend that a few folks are catchin’ some specks in Lake Monroe. I talked to an angler who fishes the Lake Monroe every day and he was out one day and caught 19 specks. The specks don’t have any roe in ’em right now, but to get a great report like that is good news for speck fishermen.  Most of the specks he caught were on minners driftin’ open water.

You can also catch some bass early in the mornin’ around the grass-line pads and reeds throughout the lake. Also give Lake Woodruff a try for some bluegills and shellcrackers. Drift open water with crickets and red worms. You may catch a few specks mixed in the panfish.

The bass fishin’ is gettin’ better since we had our cold front come to town. The bass seem to be a little more aggressive since the water temperature has dropped. The Kissimmee Chain has been good to fish for bass as well. Look for bass to be feedin’ early in the mornin’ along the shoreline cover and around the pads. Try usin’ a plastic frog or a toad in those areas. Once the sun gets up, try a plastic worm or a slow-sinkin’ Senko-type bait. Look for bass to be hangin’ around the submerged hydrilla and pepper grass patches.

Folks are catchin’ some nice bass in the Butler Chain along the shoreline grass on shiners. You can also try draggin’ a shiner around the submerged pepper grass patches and the submerged hydrilla clumps. Also look for some schoolin’ bass throughout the lakes. Look for the divin’ birds feedin’ on the bait-fish.

The Harris Chain has really been good for bass fishin’ for the past few weeks. Rick and I went to the Harris Chain last Friday and we had a good day on the water.

We caught and released 15 bass. We caught most of our bass on slow-sinkin’ Senkos and plastic worms. We did catch one bass on a chatter-bait. I was very fortunate to catch a real nice bass last Friday while fishin’ with Rick.

I caught and released an 8 lb. 9 oz. bass. The cold front was comin’ in and it started rainin’ and that’s when I caught her.

We survived three rain showers that day but any time you can catch a nice bass like that, it makes for a great day on the water.

Well, that is it for this week. Take advantage of the great weather, get the family, and go fishin’.

Tip of the week: cooler weather.

Save a few and good luck!