Cold front earlier this week slowed specks


Hello Folks,

I sure hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I’m back from my vacation and ready to do some fishin’. Lots of folks have been fishin’ over the holidays and I hope you had a chance to get in some fishin’ as well.

The specks are still bitin’ in Lake Jesup but they have slowed down a little due to the latest cold front that came through. You can still catch a few specks under the State Road 417 bridge on minners.

Folks are still catchin’ some specks in Lake Monroe but due to the wind and the cold front, it has kept a lot of folks from gettin’ on the water. You will do best fishin’ for specks with minners. Hopefully, the weather will stabilize this week and the speck fishin’ will pick up as well. Some folks are catchin’ some specks in the pads in the St. Johns River on minners.

The bass fishin’ has been a little slow most days but shiners will get you a few bites. Live bait always works this time of the year when the weather is unsettled.

If you are a die-hard like me, you will find something to catch some bass on with artificials. This time of the year, Rat-L-Traps or some type of lipless crank-bait will catch you some bass. Lots of folks like to throw a chatter-bait or a spinner-bait as well. You will have to get on the water and let the bass tell you what they want to eat.

My buddy Rich fished a local private lake over the holidays and he caught his bass on top-water baits, and lipless crank-baits. My neighbor John and his nephew Chet are still catchin’ bass in the Butler Chain. They caught and released 18 bass on their last trip to the chain. They caught their bass on a variety of baits, lipless crank-baits, top-water baits, and jigs.

The Central Florida Bass Hunters held its monthly bass tournament at Lake Istokpoga in December. Congratulations to Ken Lucas and Danny Lanier on their win.

They weighed in five bass that weighed 19.13 pounds. Danny Mosley and his fishin’ partner Randall Faber came in third place and also caught big bass of the tournament. Their big bass weighed in at 7.42 pounds. Danny reports that they caught most of their bass on off-shore grass beds, usin’ chatter-baits and lipless crank-baits. There were 30 boats in the tournament that caught bass.

I wish I had more good news on the fishin’ but most of my resources are out of commission due to COVID. I hope and pray that you and your family stay well durin’ this latest outbreak. See ya next week.

Tip of the week: go fishin’.

Save a few and good luck!