Changin’ weather has slowed speck fishin’ in our area


Hello Folks,

I hope you are havin’ a great week and lookin’ forward to doin’ some fishin’ either this week or over the weekend. The speck fishin’ has been a little slow but that is mostly due to the weather conditions we have been havin’.

Kyle at Bitter’s Bait and Tackle reports that the folks in his area haven’t been fishin’ for specks due to windy conditions on Lake Monroe and Lake Jesup. Hopefully, the weather will settle down for the weekend and folks will be able to get out on the water and catch some specks. We have a full moon this Sunday and that should help the fishin’ in our area. The three days before the full moon and three days after the full moon have always been a good time to be fishin’.

The water temperatures are cold and that should get the bass gettin’ on the beds real soon. I talked to several anglers this past week who reported that the buck bass are gettin’ the beds ready but they didn’t see any females on the beds yet. I know some females will be showin’ up to spawn, possibly as soon as this weekend.

The bass fishin’ was pretty good over this past weekend. ABA, known as American Bass Anglers, held a tournament this past weekend on the Harris Chain. There were around 85 boats on the water and 170 anglers fishin’ this tournament. Centrals Florida’s own John Kremer of Sanford won the Boater Division of the tournament. He caught five bass that weighed a total of 24.06 lbs. He also had a good kicker bass that weighed 7.29 lbs.

John reported that he caught his bass flippin’ in Lake Eustis and Lake Dora. He caught all of his bass on a Bitter’s Black and Blue craw. Most of his fish were caught around pencil reeds and the cattails in the chain. He said that he would fish the thickest stuff he could find. He would pitch that craw right in the middle of the thick stuff and he would get bit. John reported that it was a cold and windy day on the water, but he was excited to win. The fishin’ was slow and you only got a few bites, but the ones you got were good ones.

The biggest bass of the tournament was caught by Tracy Bray of Safety Harbor. His big bass weighed in at 8.03 lbs. Tracy caught his big bass Carolina riggin’ a speed worm in the hydrilla in Lake Dora. Some anglers fished in Lake Griffin and Lake Harris. Anglers caught their bass on lipless crank-baits and chatter-baits. You had to fish really slowly because you didn’t get many bites. The slower you worked the baits, the better the bites were.

Well, that’s it for this week. I hope you get a chance to do some fishin’ and remember this is the time of the year to catch your biggest bass, so have a good week and I’ll see ya next week. 

Tip of the week: full moon.

Save a few and good luck!