65.4 F

Bass are bitin’ well most places

Hello Folks, I hope you are havin’ a great week and you got in some fishin’ time over the weekend. The bass have been bitin’ real well...

Cold front stopped fish from bitin’

Hello Folks, I wish I could tell you that the fishin’ is great and the weather is great, but I can’t. A cold front came to...

Times are certainly different now

Hello Folks, My grandfather used to tell me when I was younger that things change over time. Well, as of three weeks ago, we were...

Fish aren’t sure what to do with weather that changes so...

Hello Folks, Well, it looks like winter is here again and we have the heaters and fireplaces going again. You don’t have to worry through...

Fish are bitin’ very well in most Central Florida lakes, rivers

Hello Folks, I hope you are havin’ a great week and hopefully you got a chance to do some fishin’. If you didn’t get a...

Changin’ weather has slowed speck fishin’ in our area

Hello Folks, I hope you are havin’ a great week and lookin’ forward to doin’ some fishin’ either this week or over the weekend. The...

Hopefully, you were gifted some fishin’ gear

Hello Folks, Well, I hope you and your family had a great and Merry Christmas. I hope you received what you were looking for, especially if you like to fish....

Prayers for those on the front lines

Hello Folks, I just wanted to start out and say to our folks on the front lines that we are prayin’ for all of you...

Bass fishin’ in Lakes Monroe and Jessup still going gang...

Hello Folks, I hope everyone has had a great week and, hopefully, you got a chance to do some fishin’. I want to wish all the mothers out...

The good news is that fishin’ is great in our area

Hello Folks, I know there are a lot of things goin’ on in everyone’s life right now, and hopefully, we can see the light at the end...
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