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Best of Apopka Business Owners & Managers, download your Business Tools below.

Several formats are included. For image mobile downloads, tap and hold over each image and save to your camera roll to share on social media or send via email. Mobile downloads are subject to compression by devices. For PDF mobile downloads, your device may need a PDF viewing app. For full size files, download via desktop.

Recommended for Desktops

Web Ads

Web Button – 300 x 150
Web Button – 300 x 200
Web Button – 445 x 350
Web Button – 445 x 350


JPEG Logo – 420 x 240
JPEG Logo – 1200 x 630
PNG Logo – 1728 x 513
PNG Logo Grayscale – 1728 x 513

Flier / Postcards / Tent Cards for Print (PDF files)

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