Bass were not in their normal areas of the lakes


Hello Folks,

I hope everyone had a great weekend and you got to experience the full “super moon” on Sunday night. It was kinda cloudy at my house so we weren’t able to see much of the moon.

Anyway, the full moon didn’t affect the fishin’ over the weekend. Folks are still catchin’ plenty of panfish, bluegills and shellcrackers, in all the lakes in our area. You will need to drift mid-lake with crickets and red worms. You should be able to find a few beds after the full moon this past weekend. If the weather starts to change and the water starts to cool down some, folks will be goin’ after those ole specks.

I believe the water is coolin’ down some. I noticed over the weekend when Rick and I were fishin’ the water seemed a little cooler. Rick even noticed the water temperature droppin’ a little on the depth finder. If you want to catch a few more bluegills, I would say don’t wait any longer because once the cooler weather gets here folks will be goin’ after specks.

The bass fishin’ is still doin’ pretty good in most of the chains in our area. Folks are catchin’ bass real early in the mornin’ on plastic toads and frogs. With all the rain we have been gettin’, the water levels in the lakes are comin’ up. The bass may move to shallow water so don’t hesitate to cast back towards the shoreline. The bait-fish will move to shallow water and they will be feedin’ on the new shoreline grass and the bass will follow ‘em back to feed on them. Top water baits like a Buzz-bait or a swim-bait fished on top of the water should get you a bite.

Johns Lake has been good for bass and panfish. Folks are still catchin’ plenty of bluegills and shellcrackers in and around the shoreline out to mid-lake. Again, drift different areas of the lake until you locate the beds and then get your crickets and red worms, and go to catchin’.

The St. Johns River has been good for bass with all the afternoon rains. If you can find some spots in the river where the water is flowin’ into the river or the mouth of the canals you should find some bass feedin’ on the bait-fish.

The Butler Chain has been good for panfish and bass. Lots of folks are driftin’ mid-lake with crickets and red worms and catchin’ plenty of bluegills.

The bass fishin’ has been good on the Butler Chain as well. Rick and I fished on Saturday and we caught and release around 15 bass.

We didn’t catch any big one’s, but we enjoyed the fishin’. Most of our bass were caught on plastic worms, watermelon seed-red glitter.

The bass fishin’ on the Harris Chain has been pretty good by flippin’ the heavy cover with plastic worms and crawdads. You will find a few bass around the submerged hydrilla and eel-grass beds.

Plastic worms and slow sinkin’ Senko type baits work the best. Well I hope you get out on the water and get a chance to do some fishin’.

See ya next week.

Tip of the week: Last chance for panfish

Save a few and good luck!