Baptiste Orthodontics knows it is not business as usual

The staff at Baptiste Orthodontics makes your health and safety their top priority. Call today for an appointment at 407-810-7775.

As businesses re-open, people are having to navigate the new norms on what to do and even what to wear when they go out from the safety of their homes.  Having to abide by new guidelines can add another level of stress if one is not informed or prepared for what to expect.  Visiting the dentist or orthodontist is one of the places where being informed before you go for your appointment will help with the success of the treatment and overall experience.  For many people, the dentist’s and orthodontist’s offices already have some level of anxiety.  Knowing what to expect and learning about all the new safety measures being taken to keep patients safe beforehand will hopefully ease their anxiety.

The safety of their patients has always been the number one priority for Baptiste Orthodontics.  It is an integral part of the high standards it provides to all their patients and families.  However, if you plan to visit one of their three offices in Central Florida, you will notice some very obvious NEW safety protocols as well as some that are not as obvious to the guest but just as important.  The list of all the new safety protocols  for Baptiste Orthodontics can be found on their website   The goal of Dr. Baptiste is to preclude his patients and staff members from getting sick and to continue to provide them with the best care possible.

These are just a few of the added safety protocols Baptiste Orthodontics is implementing in their offices:

• Besides the already rigorous cleaning and sanitizing that is done every day and after each patient, the offices are deep-cleaned to make sure we eliminate any traces of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

• The scheduling of patients has changed to provide a limited number of people in the office at one time.

• Barriers and distance is provided when patients check in and check out as well as when they receive treatment.

• Patients are asked to wait in their car to reduce exposure while in the office.

• Certain procedures that are more invasive such as removal of braces, are done in private rooms.

• All staff members are checked daily to see if they have a temperature or any other signs related to the Covid-19 virus.

• Staff members are all required to wear masks, and those working on patients have additional protective personal equipment including gloves and disposable lab coats.

• Patients are asked to brush their teeth prior to arriving so that they do not need to expose themselves or others to the potential of the virus at our teeth-brushing stations.

• New patients are offered the opportunity to have their initial consultation VIRTUALLY with Dr. Baptiste.

• Retainer checks and appointments where patients only need to ask questions of Dr. Baptiste are also available as a Virtual Appointment.

• Patients are encouraged to communicate via the Webchat feature on the Baptiste Orthodontics Website to limit the time they need to spend in the office.

Being able to continue to treat patients who have orthodontic needs can only happen if we keep both patients and staff as safe as possible.  While the dangers from exposure to the Coronavirus remains at a high level in our community, Baptiste Orthodontics will continue to be vigilant and proactive with its safety protocols.  They expect that people will follow the safety protocols not only at their offices but also in the community to help stop the spread of the virus.

To schedule a new patient appointment for braces or clear aligners such as Invisalign or Clear Correct, you can contact Baptiste Orthodontics through their webchat feature on their website or by calling their office at 407-801-7775.