Avoid St. Johns River until water subsides


Hello Folks,

I hope and pray your family survived the storm. There are a lot of people who suffered some damage and quite a few folks who lost power. We need to continue to pray for those in Southwest Florida who lost everything. The pictures were brutal, and the loss of life and the amounts of damage that were sustained is unbelievable.

After the storm, we did get some cooler weather. It was nice to go out one mornin’ this week and feel the temperature at a cool 61 degrees. I hope you are enjoyin’ this cooler weather.

As far as the fishin’ goes in our area, we have lakes that are higher than they have ever been. My friend Ken, who lives on the Maitland Chain, said that the water on the chain is at a 100-year high. The water is so high, he can’t even open the doors on his boat dock due to the high water.

I’m sure everyone has seen how high the St. Johns River is includin’ Lake Harney. It just makes it hard for fishin’ and navigation on these bodies of water when the water gets this high.

The water is very high in West Lake Toho, and Shingle Creek that flows into Lake Toho is gettin’ higher each day. I have heard through the grapevine that folks are catchin’ some bass in West Lake Toho. I didn’t get this firsthand, but I thought I would pass it along to those folks who might be interested.

The FWC has announced that they are planning on spraying for hydrilla this fall on the Harris Chain. They will be treating Lake Dora, Eustis, Griffin and Lake Yale. You can go to the FWC website and see all the areas they plan on treatin’ for hydrilla this fall.

Hopefully, the water will start receding this week and the fishin’ will get back to normal. I wish I had more good news about the fishin’ in our area, but I did find out that some of the ramps in Orange County are closed due to high water. Just as a suggestion, I would stay off the St. Johns River and the lakes that are connected to the river for a while, and just be courteous to folks who live on the river. If you get on the river with your boat, the wave you make with your boat will cause damage to those houses that are dealing with the high water.

Have a great week. I’ll see ya next week.

Tip of the week: Caution

Save a few and good luck.